UFB Underground Electrical Cable is in Season!

Underground electrical cable is more popular throughout the warmer months because trenches need to be dug in order to install it. UFB stands for Underground Feeder because it doesn’t need conduit or tray to be installed directly underground.

Detached Garage or Barn

A detached garage or barn will need to have its own electrical box to supply power to the outlets, lights, light switches, garage doors and more. Some garages will also need additional cables set up as extension cords so that tools and machines can be instantly hooked up in a portable fashion. All of the wire and cable used to send power from the electrical box is THHN, Romex® and flexible portable cord.

However, UFB cable is used to bring all of the power to the electrical box in the first place. First, construct the new barn. Then, run UFB cable from your home’s electrical box to the garage’s electrical box. Now that the garage’s electrical box is supplied with additional AMPS it can allocate smaller amounts of power to the lights and outlets. Many garages and barns are detached, which makes UFB cable is the quickest and easiest installation because you only have to purchase one item, the electrical cable.

Outdoor Hot Tub or Spa

A new hot tub or spa installed outdoors will require an electrical cable to power it. Typically, UFB 6/3 (plus ground) will be used to run from your electrical box to your hot tub. Hopefully, there’s enough power available to supply the new hot tub.

Need More Power

You may need to bring more power from the telephone pole to your electrical box in order to have enough power to supply your entire home and the new hot tub, spa, garage or barn. A standard cable that runs from the telephone pole to your home’s electrical box will supply your home with about 200 AMPS. That’s enough to power the outlets, lights and appliances. However, taking on a project as big as a new barn, garage or hot tub, can put you over the 200 AMP limit of your current box. It all depends on the amount of electricity you want flowing to that new project!