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UL1015 wire belongs to the broad category of hook-up wire and utilizes a versatile polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation. Due to the characteristics it offers, like chemical and heat resistance, UL1015 is commonly used for indoor appliances and electronics. It’s very similar to the UL1007 wire, but offers a higher voltage capacity.

We carry UL1015 hook-up wire in a variety of sizes, each suited to different applications. Our expert team can help you with your wire selection and deliver trustworthy products. Let’s take a closer look at UL1015 wire and what it can offer.

What Is UL1015 Wire?

UL1015 wire is a 600-volt PVC lead wire used in appliances and electronics. It’s also known as appliance wire, lead wire, PVC wire, 600-volt wire and more.

UL1015 hook up wire is rated for 105°C which is a standard temperature rating for PVC-coated wire. An upgrade to Type E wire with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation will bring the temperature rating up to 200°C. Other notable benefits of PVC coating include chemical and abrasion resistance, making this low-cost wire great for general electronics work.

UL1015 is available in American Wire Gauges (AWG) sizes 10-24 and comes in a wide range of colors for easy color coding. These colors include blue, brown, black, gray, green, orange, red, violet, white and yellow. Spiral striping options are also available.

When you’re purchasing UL1015 wire, you’ll want to ensure that the manufacturer maintains certain third-party specifications to ensure quality and approval in your application. WesBell Electronics supplies UL1015 wire that complies with several different standards, including:

  • UL 1015/UL1230.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).
  • CSA Group.

Similar Types of Hook-Up Wire

If you’re looking at buying UL1015 wire, you may also want to consider other, similar options of hook-up wire that may be cheaper or support higher temperatures. UL1007, for instance, can be a cheaper option if you’re working with low-voltage applications. It features the same PVC insulation with its 105°C temperature rating, but supports a maximum of 300 volts.

If your application will be in high-temperature conditions, PTFE insulation offers up a temperature rating of 200°C for indoor use and 600 volts of power. You’ll find this in Type E wire.

Each of these types of hook-up wire offer subtle differences to support different applications. Be sure to discuss your project with your wire and cable supplier so that you understand what you’re buying and know that it will provide adequate conductivity and a long service life in your application.

Selecting Hook-Up Wire

PVC wire is a common type of electrical conductor used in appliances and electronics across homes and businesses. It is much more cost-effective than many other wires and offers beneficial attributes like durability and water resistance. PVC wire is also available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Your cable’s size, measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG), is an important aspect to consider in selecting wires to buy. This factor determines the current capacity of a wire. Most PVC wires can carry up to 1,000 volts because of their AWG. PVC hook-up wire is available from 26 AWG to 10 AWG. Wires that have 26-18 AWG can carry 300 volts of current, while 16-10 AWG wires carry a maximum of 600 volts of current.

Of course, wires aren’t just classified by AWG. They can also be categorized according to physical features. Wires can be flat, coaxial or hook-up. The structure of a wire enables certain functions. Coaxial wires, for example, are used in cables, while hook up wires are best used in home appliances because they can handle the low current appliances need.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the jacket type used in your hook-up wire. To aid in the wire’s flow, it is covered in jackets that help insulate the heat and electrical flow. PVC is the cheapest and simplest type of wire jacket on the market. It can insulate heat up to 105℃. If the wire gets any hotter than that, the PVC melts and destroys the wire.

This is why PVC wire usually only offers 300-600 volts of electrical flow and is commonly found in simple household appliances that only need low current flow. The problem with these wires is that they are not water-resistant, so you must be careful when you are using them.

Apart from hardware stores, you can find PVC wire and UL1015 wire online, and usually with more custom options and benefits like free shipping. Here at WesBell Electronics, we offer various hook-up wires and can customize your cable with different colors and cut-to-length sizing.

Working With WesBell Electronics

At WesBell Electronics, we provide a wide range of high-quality wires and cables, including the versatile UL1015. We work with leading providers to meet third-party standards, and our expert staff of representatives can help you choose the right wire for the job.

Other services you can find at WesBell include cutting, spiral striping, twisting and wire assembly. We offer many wire processing services, so when you get your wire, it’s ready to go straight to work and make the job easier on the installer.

Click on the links above to learn more about our UL1015 wire sizes, or reach out to us to learn more or talk to a representative about finding the best wire for the project at hand.