EcoWire® Plus

About EcoWire® Plus

This page focuses on the Alpha Eco Wire® and Alpha Eco Wire Plus® which are environment-friendly types of hook up wire. Eco Wire is a brand name by Alpha Wire which has become a true engineering breakthrough in the wire and cable industry.

Eco Wire contains no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. It meets RoHS and WEEE requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability. It has up to a 45% smaller diameter, it’s 40% lighter and it has 10 times the abrasion resistance of conventional PVC hook up wire.

Eco Wire Plus is only 300 volts, but it has improved fluid resistance to water and other hazardous chemicals such as oils, solvents and fuels. It’s designed for industrial applications with exposure to fluids of any kind and applications needing high abrasion resistance. It meets the ISO 6722 specification for thin wall and ultra-thin wall wire. Alpha recommends replacing any XLPE insulated wire with their Eco Wire Plus so that it’s recyclable, thinner, tougher and even more durable then PVC and XLPE hook-up wire.