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Stage Lighting Cable 1 AWG

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bulk stage lighting cable for sale

Stage Lighting Cable 1/0

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Stage Lighting Cable 2 AWG

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Stage Lighting Cable 2/0

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Stage Lighting Cable 3/0

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Stage Lighting Cable 4 AWG

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Stage Lighting Cable 4/0

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Stage Lighting Cable 6 AWG

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In a concert, play, opera or any performance, the stage sets the mood. No matter how great the performers are, a bad stage setup can dramatically impact the quality of the show. Thus, proper stage lighting cable installation plays a big role in making sure that every lighting objective is met. Looking behind the scenes, it’s easy to see how this could be one of the most important components in setting up a successful show.

At WesBell Electronics, we offer flexible copper entertainment cables, which are sometimes called stage lighting cables. They’re an excellent tool to have on your side when working in entertainment environments.

What Is Stage Lighting Cable?

Stage lighting cables are built for performance in the high-stress environments of the entertainment industry. Theaters and entertainment venues can be chaotic, with lots of foot traffic, spills and high heat. Stage lighting cable uses a powerful Super Vu-Tron® insulation that protects the fully annealed stranded bare copper conductors from a wide range of external threats, such as water, oil, acids, alkalies, flames and chemicals. It also provides protection from crushing and impacts, as well as sunlight, which allows for outdoor use.

With these characteristics, stage lighting cable can be used indoors or out in a wide range of situations. If placed outdoors, it can resist harsh sunlight and moisture from grass and condensation, along with a range of other threats that could appear during events. If placed indoors, stage lighting cables can stand up to the massive amount of foot traffic that can occur backstage and the high heat that often stems from electrical devices in such close quarters.

Stage lighting cable supports up to 600 volts of electricity in environments up to 105 degrees Celsius, higher than many other types of single-conductor cabling. It comes in black for easy backstage concealment. We carry stage lighting power cables in American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes 6 to 4/0.

This particular type of copper wire is used in the entertainment industry for:

  • Theater.
  • Television.
  • Night clubs.
  • Motion pictures.
  • Mobile communication vans.

Stage lighting cable works for portable power systems and a wide range of permanent applications as well. This cord is also used with a variety of stage lighting cable connectors for versatile options.

Other Power Cable Options

If you don’t think stage lighting cable is right for your application, take a look at our other cable options:

  • Welding cable: Stage lighting cable is similar to welding cable, except stage lighting cable has additional approvals from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the CSA Group.
  • Diesel locomotive (DLO) cable: DLO cable is another powerful option with extensive durability. It is also particularly flexible and can support up to 2,000 volts.
  • Thermoplastic, high heat-resistant, nylon jacket (THHN) wire: Though not quite as rugged, THHN wire is a popular indoor wiring solution for general building wiring.

WesBell also offers a line of tray cable and Romex wire.

Working With Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is equally important as memorizing lines, rehearsing songs or practicing choreography. It requires a lot of skill and experience to be able to do everything correctly. Although the main purpose of cables is to conduct an ample amount of electricity from the power source to the lights themselves, it is equally important to know which cables go to the different components of the lighting system.

For instance, thick wires are used for large power surges while thin wires are usually used to connect the lights to the control system. Interchanging these cables would lead to a total wreck, not to mention the possible safety issues that would come with it afterwards.

Connection to the main power supply and the control system is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Stage lighting cable installation also involves other things. For one, the lights also need to be hooked up to dimmer controls. This allows the lighting technician to be able to quickly adjust the brightness of the lights as needed in a particular scene. Some of the lights would also need to be installed above the stage. Rigging systems are used to accomplish this task, but cables are still going to be used to safely install and position these lights accordingly.

The last piece of the puzzle is about placing the cables properly without interrupting the flow of electricity or creating safety risks. There should be a balance between keeping the cables neat and safely coiled in one place and making sure that this does not conflict or interrupt the amount of power needed by each of the lights in the set.

Stage lighting cable installation may seem to be something minor, but many notable shows and performances are brought to life because of the lighting techniques used during the show. Lights are used to magnify emotions, to set the mood and tone, and to engage the audience in a more visual manner. Imagine watching a rock concert with a white spotlight pointed to the vocalist the whole time. Doesn’t sound like much fun, right? Imagine, instead, a simple show that is made extravagant by dancing lights in multiple colors, hues and brightness. That sounds like a more enjoyable show to attend.

The WesBell Electronics Advantage

WesBell Electronics is a powerful partner to have on your side. We carry quality stage lighting cables in many sizes and can cut them to size for whatever your application calls for. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases and a range of cable preparation services. Our expert representatives are happy to walk through your project and help you determine the right cable for the job.

Browse our stage lighting power cables using our product links, and reach out to us if you have any questions!