About WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics was established in 1988.

WesBell started as a distributor for hook up wire and flexible cables to support Contract Manufacturers, Maintenance and Repair organizations and OEMs. 

Our Beginnings

WesBell Electronics was established in 1988 by Kenneth Bell and Dean Westover. They were the perfect pair as Dean enjoyed being on the road visiting current customer and looking for new customers, while Ken enjoyed being inside to conduct phone support and accounting work. WesBell started as a distributor for hook up wire and flexible cables to support Contract Manufacturers, Maintenance and Repair organizations and OEMs. Ken and Dean created great relationships with copper wire manufacturers and customers throughout the New England area as they believed in close relationships in order to create long term vendors and customers.

Expanding Our Services

After about 10 years in business WesBell’s customers began to request services in addition to their products, such as adding  spiral stripe to hook up wire and twisting two wires together. A small investment allowed Ken and Dean to start offering those services to all of their customers. A few years later, more services were requested, such as cutting the wire to length, stripping the insulation off both ends and dipping the copper strands into tin (solder). They decided to invest in a machine that cuts numerous sizes of hook up wire very quickly, and soon offered the service to all of their customers.

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We don't like to say no to our customers, but we will not take on projects that we can’t handle. Most of the assemblies we make are built to a print but we don't necessarily need a print to build a cable assembly. If you have a sample cable or a description of an assembly send it our way for us to review and provide a quote. WesBell will assemble your cable keeping our tight tolerances and quality in mind. We do our best to get our production orders out within 2-3 weeks of the order being placed. Larger contract manufacturing companies may have longer lead times and hold their customers to minimum orders.

Our primary business is to supply bulk wire, cable and tubing products and we don't want to compete with our Contract manufacturing customers.  With that being said, we can save CM houses money by helping with the smaller assemblies and prepping wires to make their assembly process faster. If there is a way to save our customers money we will find it!

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Service & Quality

Customer service is mentioned and guaranteed by every company as a standard practice, but it’s not always carried out as stated. We seek to visit our customers to get a clear view of what they do on a daily basis and how we can make their lives easier. We mold ourselves to help our customers. If we visit you and hear you complain about a difficult process, we will help you by doing it for you and making your life easier.


Thanks for follow up email, nice personal touch. I was very pleased with my shopping/shipping experience with your company. Everything went well, product ordered was exactly what was needed for the job. When the need arises, I will certainly use your services again and would recommend your company to others. Thanks again.

Chris Franklin, Electrician
Glasgow, KY

Thank You very much, yes the project was a success, I have added your web page to my favorite pages. I have also told, a few friends, about the great service, you have provided.

Phillip Bari, The Sicilian
Largo, FL

Hello, I wanted to send this message to tell you know my satisfaction with your company. From start to end, Chris Pymm helped me with my order. He was very responsive, helpful and friendly. I have been shopping online since 1996. I can easily say he was one of the best salesperson I’ve had. Thanks for everything. Regards, Celal

Celal Gurcuoglu, Electrician
Weston, FL

Thank for your cooperation, I do understand these things do happen with our electronic world. You have been kind, helpful and diligence in solving this problem.

Mark, Chief Radiologic Technologist Imaging Services
Far Rockaway, NY

I received my order on time and in good order. My install went great and cost me much less than I was anticipating because of your great price on the wire (about 1/10th of the cost at my local Lowes). I will certainly be keeping you in my for any future needs and definitely recommend you to others for their projects as well.

Brian Good, Contractor
Windcroft, CT

You really went above and beyond. We are super appreciative! Because of your efforts it got here in time and our volunteers were able to make great progress yesterday evening utilizing the bare copper wire Wesbell shipped to us. A young adult, Antonio, has been coming to these art builds and has discovered that they are a rare opportunity for him to derive a sense of accomplishment, pride, and develop a useful skill set and talent! Providing opportunities for community members to come together, make art around their shared values, and see their work manifest out in the world is so important.

Eric, Backbone Campaign
Vashon, WA

Yesterday, shortly after placing this order I received a phone call from your firm indicating the item I ordered was out of stock. The caller was incredibly generous with his time and concern for my satisfaction and during our conversation made clear I was ordering the wrong thing for my intended use, so he canceled the order. I am deeply impressed with the compassion your firm has for customers.

Dan, Bare Copper
Clear Lake, MN

I want to thank you for the follow-up phone call today, checking up on my order. Well done. Not many companies take the time to do that. That is true quality customer support. The cable and lugs arrived as scheduled and I am very satisfied with the products and quality. Other than my not realizing I actually needed #1 cable lugs with a 1/2″ holes, all went well. As luck would have it, I had to replace a battery terminal lug on my motor home today and guess what size I needed, two #1 lugs with 5/16″ holes. Nice when things magically workout. Again, thank you. Should the need come up in the future, your company will be my first choice.

Mike, individual fixing motor home
Acton, CA

I really appreciate the quality of your material and especially the fact that you sell it by the foot at very reasonable prices. We use a number of trailers in our family and as you probably know, wiring / tail light function is always a problem with trailers. Now that I have found your business, I plan to use your products whenever I can, and I’ll tell everyone I deal with about your cable. I hope you remain in business for a very long time.

Andrew, trailer manufacturer
Littleton, CO

Outstanding service and prices. Nick is always happy to work with us and find what we need if they don’t normally stock it, and come back with pricing that is very competitive. Every vendor should be so easy to work with!

Rich Lussier

The wire was exactly what I needed and they were able to get it to me with free shipping. The website was very user friendly and the checkout process was a breeze. Great customer service too!

Sondra Bell

WesBell has been a pleasure to work with. Matt Maglio goes out of his way to work with me to make sure all our company's needs are met. Their pricing is always lower too, which is a huge plus. Thanks for all the great customer service and quality products.

Gabriella Degeneffe

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