Type ET

Type ET wire is just one of many different hook-up wires, and it uses strong insulation made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon. It has a wide range of useful characteristics that make it a great choice for flexible wiring in tough conditions.

WesBell Electronics carries several different sizes of Type ET wires to fit a range of applications. Let’s look a little closer at this versatile type of wiring.

What Is Type ET Wire?

Type ET wire uses PTFE coating to achieve high resistance to chemicals and temperatures, with a rating from -60°C to 200°C. At WesBell Electronics, we supply PTFE cable and wire in 250, 600 and 1,000 volt-versions with copper strands plated with silver. Type ET is the smallest, supplying 250 volts. It comes in small AWG sizes 20-32.

PTFE wire is common indoors and outdoors in high-temperature applications. Type ET’s smaller size makes it a great choice for projects that require low voltage but greater flexibility than some other types of PTFE wire. It can twist and turn through smaller devices without sacrificing the high level of heat and chemical protection required for many types of important equipment, like those used in the military and health care.

Some applications that might use Type ET wire include:

  • Medical electronics.
  • Military-grade harnesses.
  • Appliance wiring.
  • Power supply lead wire.
  • High-temperature electronic devices.

Type ET wire is used for many important installations, and several third parties have stepped in to offer approvals for their specifications and standards:

  • UL1371
  • CSA Group
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Military Specification M16878/6

At WesBell Electronics, we carry Type ET wire in a wide range of colors for easy color-coding, and we offer by-the-foot ordering, so you can select just what you need. We also provide bulk pricing discounts on certain quantities.

Type ET Wire vs. Other Types of Wires

Type ET wire is commonly compared to the similar options of Type E and Type EE. Both options come with the same silver-plated copper strands and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals as Type ET wire, but they differ in terms of thickness and voltage capabilities.

Type E wire is the middle ground between the two, providing 600 volts of power and AWGs between 10 and 26. These come with 7 or 19 strands. Type ET is thinner, with its 20-32 AWG sizes, and it only offers 250 volts. Finally, Type EE is fairly thick, covering AWG sizes 14-24, and it offers 1,000 volts of power.

If you don’t need the high-temperature resistance of PTFE-insulated wire, try our hook-up wire or electrical wire. It’s a lot cheaper and more flexible and can often deliver a better value and help you stay within budget.

Type ET Wire From WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics is a trusted provider of ET wire that meets applicable standards and specifications. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find the right cable for the job. We know there are a lot of options, so if you need a hand, just walk us through your project and we’ll help you find the right balance of cost and performance.

In addition to assistance with wire selection, we also offer many different wire preparation services, like twisting, striping and harness assembly. We can help you save time and ensure your wires are ready for installation when they reach you.

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