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Alpha products may be subject to minimum order quantities

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If you need a conduit-free direct burial solution with durability and protection built in, the Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard® 3 is an excellent option. This cable offers exceptional resistance to a range of threats, from oils and solvents to ultraviolet (UV) rays and high heat. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of systems that need underground cabling, and the trusted suppliers at WesBell Electronics can help you find the right type at the right price.

What Is Xtra-Guard 3?

Alpha Xtra-Guard 3 electronic cables are for direct burial applications without the costly use of conduit. They have five times the water-resistance of conventional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable and incorporate a special ethylene-propylene copolymer jacket for excellent service life and ultraviolet light stability.

Common applications for Xtra-Guard 3 include satellite communications equipment, inter-building communications, land irrigation systems, outdoor security systems, outdoor scoreboards and displays, and pipeline sensor controls. They come in 300-volt, 600-volt, shielded, unshielded, multiconductor and multipair options, along with an option for Supra-Shield®, Alpha Wire’s interference-blocking material. Xtra-Guard 3 also comes in a range of colors, providing easy identification and added safety in your systems.

The Benefits of Xtra-Guard 3

Aside from being one of three Xtra-Guard cables that support direct burial, Xtra-Guard 3 cable offers a variety of benefits:

  • Rugged construction: With their semi-rigid PVC insulation and sturdy polyethylene jacket, these cables offer good abrasion resistance and can protect against threats like oil, water, chemicals and UV rays. That makes them a great choice for tougher environments.
  • Versatile temperature range: Xtra-Guard 3 is suitable for temperatures from -20°C to 80°C.
  • Excellent direct burial performance: Not all direct-burial cables are created equal, but Xtra-Guard 3 provides exceptional results thanks to its resistance to weathering, moisture and UV aging. Plus, it can be a significant cost saver since it requires no conduit.
  • Excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection: When using an Xtra-Guard 3 cable with Supra-Shield, you can expect excellent EMI protection that keeps the effects of noise to a minimum across low and high frequencies.
  • Appropriate certifications: Alpha Wire doesn’t skimp on quality, and its cables come with UL and CSA approvals. They also meet the UL VW-1 flame test.
  • Easy jacket stripping: Xtra-Guard cables have a nylon ripcord design that makes stripping jackets easy and quick.

EMI protection can be added with foil shielding or Supra-Shield specifications. Foil shielding is lighter than Supra-Shield, but not as effective. Supra-Shield uses a triple layer of aluminum, polyester and aluminum foil alongside a tinned copper braid shield to provide exceptional protection across low and high frequencies. If noise isn’t a concern and you want as small of a cable as possible, consider the unshielded variety, which is good for tight spaces.

With its protective mechanisms and conduit-free installation, Xtra-Guard 3 is an excellent solution for a range of underground direct burial applications.

The Trusted Source for Xtra-Guard 3 Cables

Here at WesBell Electronics, we provide a wide selection of cables and wires for nearly any application, including the entire line of Xtra-Guard cables from Alpha Wire. Whatever your work requires, our skilled representatives can help you get the right cable for the job, all at affordable prices.

In addition to cable supply, we can perform a vast range of services that let you spend less time preparing your cables and more time focusing on the job at hand. We offer wire stripping, twisting, tin dipping and more, and we can cut Xtra-Guard cables to any length you need.

Check out the Xtra-Guard 3 cables at the links above, or reach out to us with any questions!