Polyolefin 4 to 1

Heat Shrink Tubing 1 1/2″ 4 to 1

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Heat Shrink Tubing 1 1/4″ 4 to 1

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Heat Shrink Tubing 1″ 4 to 1

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Heat Shrink Tubing 1/2″ 4 to 1

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Heat Shrink Tubing 3/4″ 4 to 1

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Protect cables, wires and other materials that must undergo various strains throughout day-to-day usage. With 4 to 1 shrink tubing, you can manage operational requirements and ensure your materials stay protected and functional. This heat shrink tubing is highly durable, flexible and capable of withstanding a range of demanding environmental conditions.

WesBell offers a complete selection of heat shrink tubing products to meet your specific requirements. Partner with us for heat shrink solutions that ensure safety and efficiency on the job so you can  start your next project with confidence.

About Polyolefin 4 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing

The polyolefin tubing we have available is all-purpose, offering a range of properties to address various applications in the industry. When you apply heat to the tubing, the product will contract to a quarter of its original diameter to ensure a tight, secure hold on wiring, joints, terminals and other connections. The most common use for 4:1 heat shrink tubing is for applications with high size variations or other special circumstances. Ideal for cable jacket repair or retrofitting, it can also be an effective insulation for oversized components in wire assemblies.

Our Dunbar polyolefin tubing products are in stock in black and clear, and they are ready to ship whenever you place your order. We offer 4-foot lengths and spools so you can select the best option for your operational specifications. This product provides several key features for optimized functionality:

  • UL and RoHS compliant
  • M23053/5 Military specifications compliant
  • Flame retardant
  • Flexible
  • Oil- and chemical-resistant

Polyolefin 4 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing Applications

Capable of shrinking to a quarter of its original size, 4:1 polyolefin tubing offers versatile usability for various requirements. Typical applications across industries include:

  • Solder insulation
  • Insulation for electrical wiring
  • Wire bundling
  • Mechanical protection to ensure safe and effective functionality
  • Electrical and physical security of components
  • Lightweight harnessing
  • Color-coding for accurate and easy wire identification
  • Strain relief for optimized performance

Get Your Supplies From WesBell Electronics

When you work with WesBell Electronics, our experienced representatives can help you find the best options for your project requirements. Our team knows the ins and outs of heat shrink tubing use and can identify what will work optimally for your applications.  Whatever your project needs, we offer reliable products that deliver exceptional performance.

As a company, our goal is to provide trusted, high-quality products at costs you can afford. We strive to ensure our selections remain cost-effective so you can get the most value from your purchase and save time and money on production. If you need additional tubing options or services, we offer an extensive inventory and a range of capabilities to help you implement your products quickly and easily.

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