SJOOW Cable (300-volt)

SJOOW Cable 10/2

starting at $2.00 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 10/3

starting at $2.50 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 10/4

starting at $3.22 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 12/2

starting at $1.26 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 12/3

starting at $1.58 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 12/4

starting at $2.06 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 14/2

starting at $0.89 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 14/3

starting at $1.17 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 14/4

starting at $1.31 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 16/2

starting at $0.68 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 16/3

starting at $0.88 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 16/4

starting at $1.08 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 18/2

starting at $0.52 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 18/3

starting at $0.71 / ft.

SJOOW Cable 18/4

starting at $0.85 / ft.

About SJOOW Cable (300-volt)


The name might sound complex, but service, junior, oil-resistant and water/weather-resistant (SJOOW) refers to the capabilities of this durable cable. These characteristics make it a versatile choice for many different applications since it can stand up to rough environments.

At WesBell Electronics, we carry many SJOOW cable sizes to support a wide range of projects.

What Is SJOOW Cable?

SJOOW cable is a type of portable power cord often used as an extension cord, delivering power to various tools and equipment. We carry SJOOW cables in several different configurations, with anywhere from two to four conductors. Each has a chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jacket and premium ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) insulation. Conductors are made of bare copper wires.

This heavy-duty construction helps SJOOW cord stand up to tough environments, with resistance to water, oil, moisture, chemicals, acids, sunlight and abrasion. It can be twisted and turned, too, with good tensile strength and flexibility. SJOOW works in temperatures from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

We carry SJOOW cable in sizes from 18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) to 10. It is also smaller, which can help in certain applications. All types feature approvals from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the CSA Group, the Mine Safety and Health Association (MSHA) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. These certifications are required in many applications.


When you need to use a portable power cord, it’s important to know your voltage requirements. The difference between SJOOW and SOOW cable is in the missing “J,” which refers to the fact that SJOOW cable supports up to 300 volts. SOOW cable has the same construction but can support greater electricity demands with up to 600 volts. It also comes with more conductors — up to 40 — and has larger diameters.

Anything over a 4 conductor cable is automatically SOOW, as well as anything bigger than 10 AWG. The 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 AWG cables all come in the SJOOW version. You can only get the 2, 4, 6, and 8 awg cables in SOOW though because it requires more power.

This cable also comes in a yellow-jacketed Super Vu-Tron material, which is much more expensive but provides greater flexibility and durability.

SJOOW vs. Other Multiconductor Portable Cords

While SJOOW is a durable, flexible choice for many smaller applications, it isn’t always the right choice for your application. If this is the case, consider the following other cables in this category:

  • Type W: Type W cable is a more industrial version of SOOW cable. It supports up to 2,000 volts and features a similar dual-layered jacket for extensive durability in heavy-duty environments.
  • Type G and G-GC: Type G and G-GC cables are other types of SOOW cable with similar durability. Type G cables have a ground wire for each conductor and Type G-GC cables have ground wires as well as an additional ground-check wire.

If you’re not sure which is right for your project, the experts at WesBell Electronics are happy to help.

Working With WesBell Electronics

At WesBell Electronics, our knowledgeable representatives can walk through your project and help you determine the best choice for the job. We also offer a range of wire processing services, such as cutting and stripping, to make installation simple.

Click on our product links to explore our SJOOW portable cable options, or reach out to us if you have any questions!