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KYNAR Wire Wrap 30

starting at $0.16 / ft.

KYNAR Wire Wrap 28

starting at $0.21 / ft.

KYNAR Wire Wrap 26

starting at $0.24 / ft.

About KYNAR Wire

Hookup wire is a very popular choice among people who love to fix things by themselves. This type of wire is particularly handy for electronic devices. For those with a lot of time in their hands and have a knack for fixing things on their own, it is important to know the type of wires that are best suited for each project. In some instances, it would also be handy for small fixes. The Kynar hook up wire is one of the preferred choices when it comes to fixing home electronic devices such as the television. What are the advantages of using this type of wire and what are the things that one should look for when buying it?

A lot of people prefer this type of wire because it is small but it is very powerful. For instance, the Kynar 28 AWG (Average Wire Gauge) type can handle up to 36 volts of power with a resistance of up to 5 amps. The Kynar jacket or insulation makes it very slim, thus it can easily fit into small spaces. The conductivity is high, so the power supply can flow uninterrupted. In addition, this type of wire is very flexible and very easy to solder.

The Kynar wire wrap comes in different varieties, so one should be aware of the specific requirements of a particular electronic device before buying. The first thing that needs to be considered is the AWG. One can choose from 20 to 30 AWG, depending on what type of device needs to be fixed. One may also need to consider the outer diameter of the wire prior to purchasing. In terms of aesthetics, one can choose from different colors. This can be useful for people who want to use a particular color that blends in with the other wires that are currently used in the device. One can also use color-coding if necessary.

Stripping this particular type of hook up wire is pretty easy. One can use a soldering iron instead of pliers or another cutting device to ensure that only the jacket comes out and the wires are not damaged. One of the recommended ways to strip this wire is by using a standard soldering iron and a paper towel. Once the soldering iron is heated, you will just need to place the cut wire on the paper towel, place the soldering iron on top of the wire, usually about one-fourth of an inch from the tip of the wire, and pull the other tip after about two seconds. The wire is stripped clean without any possible damage.

Overall, the Kynar hook up wire is an ideal choice when it comes to modifying or fixing electronic devices. It is small, highly conductive, can accommodate a lot of voltage. It also comes in different varieties, and can be soldered, and stripped very easily. You can save time and money by knowing how to fix or modify electronic devices around the house. You can fully customize your devices without paying a lot of money, and be able to brag of your handiwork afterward.

3 Layers of Kynar Wire Wrap

Solid Copper Strand

Kynar wire is only offered in a solid version instead of both solid and stranded. Since wire wrap is so thin, offered in 30 AWG through 22 AWG, there aren’t too many customers that need it to be more flexible. The main reason for getting a stranded wire is to increase flexibility and Kynar is already flexible enough in nature.

Silver Coating

When you pull the insulation back you will see what looks to be silver, tin or aluminum wire but it’s not. It’s copper wire with a coating of silver which helps with corrosion. If the entire wire was manufactured with pure silver the cost of it would be astronomical. Copper is a great conductor of electricity and the silver coating helps increase the conductivity. Both the copper and silver included in Kynar wire wrap force the pricing to change daily. So, be careful when searching too early for pricing, it may change when it comes time to buy.

PVC Insulation

PVC insulation is used on basic hook up wire to protect the copper from the application it’s placed in. If you plan to use your lead wire outdoors then you’ll need to find another type of insulation that protects the copper from environmental conditions. Since Kynar is used indoors it doesn’t need as much protection and, therefore has a very basic cost-effective PVC insulation.