Olflex® Cable 890CY Shielded

Olflex® 8908044S

starting at $10.58 / ft.

Olflex® 891004CY

starting at $8.69 / ft.

Olflex® 8912044S

starting at $8.10 / ft.

Olflex® 891207CY

starting at $12.50 / ft.

Olflex® 8914044S

starting at $6.96 / ft.

Olflex® 891407CY

starting at $8.93 / ft.

Olflex® 891418CY

starting at $21.48 / ft.

Olflex® 891603CY

starting at $4.25 / ft.

Olflex® 8916044S

starting at $4.53 / ft.

Olflex® 891605CY

starting at $4.65 / ft.

Olflex® 891607CY

starting at $6.26 / ft.

Olflex® 891612CY

starting at $8.25 / ft.

Olflex® 891618CY

starting at $12.27 / ft.

Olflex® 891625CY

starting at $16.29 / ft.

Olflex® 891634CY

starting at $21.92 / ft.

Olflex® 891803CY

starting at $2.85 / ft.

Olflex® 8918044S

starting at $3.30 / ft.

Olflex® 891805CY

starting at $3.74 / ft.

Olflex® 891807CY

starting at $4.64 / ft.

Olflex® 8918124S

starting at $5.82 / ft.

Olflex® 891818CY

starting at $8.13 / ft.

Olflex® 891825CY

starting at $10.56 / ft.

Olflex® 891834CY

starting at $13.19 / ft.

Olflex® 8920034S

starting at $2.81 / ft.

Olflex® 892004CY

starting at $3.00 / ft.

Olflex® 892005CY

starting at $3.15 / ft.

Olflex® 892007CY

starting at $4.52 / ft.

Olflex® 892012CY

starting at $5.55 / ft.

Olflex® 892018CY

starting at $7.80 / ft.

Olflex® 892025CY

starting at $9.30 / ft.

About Olflex® Cable 890CY Shielded

In almost every piece of machinery dispersed throughout countless households and factories, any single person could not help but notice the effort that owners and technicians put on correctly and systematically arranging wiring systems. This is an understandable fact simply because properly connected wiring systems could help ensure that electronic messages and signals are directly transferred to its destinations without compromise and delay. Not only that, but choosing the appropriate tools and materials for the job would also ensure safety of personnel and efficiency of work. There are many kinds of wires for different kinds of jobs, and one notable example seen in the market nowadays is the Olflex® 890 and 890CY Series.

The Olflex® 890 and 890CY Series is noted by most professional electricians because of its applicability in most situations and machinery. The 890 and 890 CY series by Olflex® is recommended by its manufacturers for use in scaffold robotics, cable pathways, machine-powered tools, drop-anywhere units, conveyor belts and systems, flexing applications and other automatic tools. It is capable of handling at least 600 Volts of electrical power and up to a 90°C temperature tolerance. This series of products by Olflex® comes in two different ways for purchase: the unshielded type, or standard issue, and the Olflex® CY series, or the shielded type. For both series, each power cable product features the thinly stranded copper material as its main conducting medium, a number of red numeral conducting agents that have color-coded yellow or green wire for ground. Aside from the shielded and unshielded variants, each of the two comes in different bundles of conductors depending on the situation.

The standard Olflex® 890 Unshielded type is the usual choice for most technicians and electricians for its standard performance and convenient usage. It is available in four different types: the Olflex® 890 20 AWG, the Olflex® 890 16 AWG, the Olflex® 890 18 AWG, and the Olflex® 890 14-2 AWG. The main difference between these types of power cords is the gauge of AWG, or American wire gauge, which defines the circumference of each of them. Aside from that, every single type of wire comes with 3 to 34 wire conductors and PVC insulation that provides oil-resistance. The next type of wiring to be considered is the shielded types, or the CY series. The main characteristic of the shielded type, which includes the Olflex® 890 CY AWG 20 Shielded, the Olflex® 890 CY AWG 18 Shielded, the Olflex® 890 CY AWG 16 Shielded, and the Olflex® 890 CY AWG 14-2 Shielded, is the thick copper braid wrapped around the main conducting surface. This new addition is designed to suppress electronic interferences in order to promote smooth electric conductance. Other than the copper braid, the CY series has two other insulation jackets to maintain proper conductance: the black PVC coat, and the oil resistant PVC coat. All the oil resistant jackets are approved by federal oil tests like oil res 1, oil res 2, CSA, and UL.

For electronic purposes with low interference and oil-resistance, the Olflex® 890 and 890CY Series is a good choice overall.

WesBell is a very large distributor for Olflex® Wire and Cable. We stock Olflex® 190 shielded and unshielded, Olflex® 890 Continuous Flexible Cables and much more. Olflex®, now Lapp USA, manufactures control cables, robotic cables and tray cables for equipment and machinery in the wire and cable industry.

Olflex® 890 is rated for 600 volts, 90°C and has UL, CSA, CE and RoHS approvals to fit the requirements of most OEM’s and equipment manufacturers needs. The 890 series has all red numbered conductors with a Green/Yellow ground wire. It’s most commonly used in gantry robots, cable tracks, machine tools, pick and place units, conveyor systems and automated handling equipment. The shielded version has a braid overall shield to block electrical interference.