Tinned Copper Wire

Since electricity was discovered, humanity has relied on it for progress and support in daily life. We’ve used it to develop machinery that makes work faster and easier, and technological advancements have called for more electricity to power up those machines in the home and at work.

Most wires and cables are used for power and energy transmission that tend to be electrical in nature. As electrical needs grew and developed, one of the wires that became a favorite in most homes and industrial applications is tinned copper wire. Steel, copper, silver, gold and iron are all known to be good electrical energy conductors. Tinned copper wire takes advantage of the inherent characteristics that make copper a high performer while providing it with the anti-corrosion properties of tin. These attributes make it a favorite for a wide range of electrical applications.

WesBell’s Tinned Copper Wire

If tinned solid copper wire is right for your application, WesBell Electronics can help. We carry tinned copper wires in various American Wire Gauge sizes. By default, our tinned copper wire is a soft-drawn solid copper, but give us a call if you need to buy tinned copper wire that is hard-drawn. We also offer bulk tinned copper wire pricing for large quantities.

WesBell has a proven track record of providing quality wires from trusted manufacturers at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on finding cost-effective solutions unique to your application. Not sure what you need? We can help with that, too! We’ll talk through your project and help you find the right cable for the job. We also offer a variety of wire preparation services including tin dipping to help ensure your cables are ready for use upon arrival.

If you need to buy tinned copper wire, take a look at our inventory above and contact us if you have any questions.