Unshielded Cable

Unshielded cable is a type of multiconductor cable that makes a popular solution to many indoor networking systems, thanks to its cost-effective approach to limiting signal interference. Like its shielded counterpart, unshielded cables come in several configurations that vary in size and the number of conductors.

WesBell Electronics offers many varieties of unshielded cables, from a 14 American Wire Gauge (AWG) cable with two conductors to a 24 AWG with six conductors.

What Is Unshielded Cable?

As the name implies, unshielded cable differs from many other types of multiconductor cable by its lack of shielding. Cables that do have shielding use it to ward off electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can cause crosstalk between the circuits, degrade the data passing through the cable, increase errors and slow the transmission rates. Unshielded cable doesn’t forego this protection altogether. Rather, it just finds it in a different way.

Instead of using a jacket or another material to find shielding against EMI, unshielded cable twists its wires into pairs, which accomplishes the goal similarly, albeit not as effectively as most shielded cables. Shielded cables are often used in high-speed data applications, such as data center networks, but unshielded cable is often a more affordable and flexible approach for less-demanding environments like your typical office space.

Other benefits of unshielded wire include its flexibility. Since there’s no shield in place, the wire is much thinner and can bend more easily. If there is no EMI present, unshielded cable can even run faster than shielded cable in EMI-free environments. EMI typically comes from electrical devices, including power cables and high-speed cabling.

With these characteristics, unshielded cable is a great choice for ethernet wires and local area networks. You’ll also find it used in place of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hook-up wires and in several important applications such as:

  • Burglar alarms.
  • Intercom systems.
  • Internal phone systems.
  • Public address systems.
  • Cash registers.
  • Remote control circuits.

WesBell Electronics offers unshielded cable with gray PVC jacketing and insulation and anywhere from two to seven conductors, depending on the AWG size. These range from 14 to 24. Within the outer jacket are tinned copper strands color-coded with UL1061-approved PVC insulation. Unshielded cable is rated for 300 volts and up to 80°C. It is also compliant with standards from:

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).
  • The CSA Group.
  • UL, LLC.

Cables From WesBell

At WesBell Electronics, our staff is experienced in helping customers find the right cable for the job. We’re happy to walk through your project and assist with the selection process. We also offer several wire processing services, too, like twisting and harness assembly, so your wire is ready to install when it gets to you.

In addition to unshielded cable, we also carry a wide array of other types of multiconductor cable. If you need a cable for outdoor use, we also sell power cables that may be more appropriate. And if you just need the wire from inside the cable, take a look at our hook-up wire or electrical wire. Of course, if you’re not sure which is right for the job, we can help.

WesBell Electronics has been a trusted cable provider for over 30 years and can help you meet the needs of nearly any project. Browse our unshielded cable at the links above, or reach out to us if you have any questions!