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Burndy® Wire Crimpers

Burndy® Wire Crimpers

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All Burndy® Lugs and Crimping Tools

All Burndy® Lugs and Crimping Tools

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Burndy® is a leading manufacturer of hand tools, mechanical tools and compression tools that work well with their line of cable lugs. From basic to complex, WesBell Electronics carries a range of crimping tools to help you finish your wire preparation tasks quickly and accurately. Hand tools are some of the most popular, offering a lightweight build and maintenance-free functionality. Explore tools and supplies from Burndy to find what you need for your wire and cable installation applications.

Types of Crimping Tools From Burndy

Crimping tools provide an essential function required for safe, complete electrical connections. Hand-held tools are the most common type and offer affordability and versatility, but if you need something more robust, you can also find hydraulic tools for heavy-duty applications. We carry a variety of hand-held crimping tools from Burndy, which are great for crimping many types of wire with one tool.

While Burndy offers several types of crimping tools, there are drastic differences between each one, so be sure you know your application before purchasing online. You can always reach out to our team for assistance if you’re not sure which tool is right for the job.

Burndy crimping tools include the following:

  • MR series: With individual products for vinyl-insulated terminals, nylon-insulated terminals and uninsulated terminals, these wire crimpers ensure a complete, positive crimp each time via a ratchet mechanism with full-cycle operation. That means that the handles don’t open until the crimp is complete. These tools can crimp American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes 22-10 and offer color-coded dies for easy groove identification. They also have a compact, narrow nose.
  • Y10-22: This plier-style crimper/cutter is suitable for a full range of nylon, vinyl and uninsulated connectors and is suitable for 22-10 AWG wires. It offers one-step stripping and works well on mild steel and nonferrous screws.
  •  Y10D: The Y10D is similar to the Y10-22, except it’s designed for cutting aluminum and copper and works on both nylon-insulated and uninsulated connectors. It uses heavy-duty forged steel and features a rust-resistant finish.
  • Y8MRB1: This lightweight crimper works on AWG sizes 22-8 and has its own identifying marks for easy inspection. It also uses a ratchet mechanism to provide a complete crimp every time.

All of these crimpers feature comfortable, ergonomic designs with handles that can help reduce fatigue, made with the durable builds you can expect from Burndy. They use premium materials and come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for exceptional peace of mind.

Whether you’re working with nylon, vinyl or uninsulated wires, Burndy and WesBell can deliver a crimper that fits the bill and can provide better results with efficient tool usage.

Buy Burndy Crimping Tools From WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics is a family-owned and -operated business, and we strive to offer a wide selection of quality wire and cables complemented by the tools and accessories for seamless installations. Crimping involves more than just tools, though, so we carry the lugs as well. If you’re working with single-conductor portable cord, we can even crimp the lugs on before the cable gets to you.

Not sure which of these tools is right for your work? Just reach out to us! Our team of knowledgeable representatives can help you find the perfect crimping tool.

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