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WesBell started as a distributor that bought in bulk and sold spools of 100’, 250’, 500’ and 1000’ at a time.

During that time it was a benefit to buy from WesBell because we would cut any random length the customer requested. It was normal for distributors to spool 15-20 lengths of 100’ for customers on a daily basis instead of cutting each specific length. 

wire spiral striping services

Wire Spiral Striping

We accept spiral striping orders for as little as 100’ by choosing a color and a stripe color. Once you have it striped we can also perform other services on it as well.

wire twisting services

Wire Twisting

We twist wire and send it to customers on 100-1000 foot spools and also cut hook up wire to length (6”) and twist two wires together.

wire cutting and dipping services

Wire and Cable Cut to Length

Our machines cut hook up wire and small diameter cables, along with stripping the insulation off both ends. We hold tight tolerances to 1/16” and sometimes less when necessary.

wire harness assembly

Wire Harness Assembly

Once our equipment cuts the wire, crimps the terminals and semi-strips the insulation our assemblers will follow customer data sheets in order to construct the complete wire harness assembly. 

wire tin dipping

Wire and Cable Tin Dipping

 In order to avoid fraying we can “semi-strip” the insulation by leaving the small cut insulation on the end of the wire, which can be easily pulled off by hand. We can also remove the small piece of insulation and tin dip the copper wire into solder. 

burndy lugs for sale

Single Conductor Portable Cord with Burndy Lugs

We cut the wire to the requested length and crimp Burndy Lugs to one end or both ends depending on the request. 

multiconductor wire and cable

Multiconductor Portable Cord Preparation

As you’re checking out with you purchase of multiconductor portable cord you can also purchase our services of cutting it to length, removing the outer jacket on both ends, and stripping the insulation from each conductor.

electrical wire multi

Multiconductor Electronic Cable Preparation

As you’re checking out with you purchase of multiconductor electronic cable you can also purchase our services of cutting it to length, removing the outer jacket on both ends, stripping the insulation from each conductor, and tin-dipping each conductor so that the copper strands don’t fray.

Custom Orders

Need a more unique or complicated service? We can help!

Call us, send drawings and complete our first-article quality approval before ordering.

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