Olflex® Cable 190CY Shielded

Olflex® 600804CY

starting at $9.84 / ft.

Olflex® 601003CY

starting at $6.05 / ft.

Olflex® 601004CY

starting at $7.11 / ft.

Olflex® 601005CY

starting at $8.75 / ft.

Olflex® 601007CY

starting at $12.45 / ft.

Olflex® 601203CY

starting at $9.51 / ft.

Olflex® 601204CY

starting at $10.56 / ft.

Olflex® 601205CY

starting at $6.68 / ft.

Olflex® 601207CY

starting at $9.08 / ft.

Olflex® 601403CY

starting at $6.69 / ft.

Olflex® 601404CY

starting at $8.01 / ft.

Olflex® 601405CY

starting at $9.66 / ft.

Olflex® 601407CY

starting at $5.99 / ft.

Olflex® 601412CY

starting at $9.36 / ft.

Olflex® 601603CY

starting at $4.68 / ft.

Olflex® 601604CY

starting at $5.61 / ft.

Olflex® 601605CY

starting at $6.54 / ft.

Olflex® 601607CY

starting at $3.86 / ft.

Olflex® 601612CY

starting at $6.54 / ft.

Olflex® 601618CY

starting at $9.27 / ft.

Olflex® 601625CY

starting at $12.21 / ft.

Olflex® 601802CY

starting at $2.88 / ft.

Olflex® 601803CY

starting at $3.60 / ft.

Olflex® 601804CY

starting at $4.26 / ft.

Olflex® 601805CY

starting at $5.28 / ft.

Olflex® 601807CY

starting at $3.09 / ft.

Olflex® 601812CY

starting at $4.34 / ft.

Olflex® 601818CY

starting at $6.35 / ft.

Olflex® 601825CY

starting at $8.81 / ft.

Olflex® 602002CY

starting at $2.68 / ft.

Olflex® 602003CY

starting at $3.33 / ft.

Olflex® 602007CY

starting at $2.78 / ft.

Olflex® 602012CY

starting at $3.90 / ft.

Olflex® 602025CY

starting at $6.63 / ft.

About Olflex® Cable 190CY Shielded

In the world of computers and electronics, no other thing on Earth related to them could be more important than wirings and cables. Simply put, these materials serve as means for delivering significant electrical information between multiple machines, which range from simple household appliances like pork grinders, milk and water bottlers, and most electric mixers at home, to complex and complicated ones such as desktop computers, laptops and most data processing materials. One notable brand of electronic cables in the market chosen by most clients is Olflex® from Lapp Group, and under their line of products is the Olflex® 190 and 190CY series.

The Olflex® 190 and 190CY series features multi-conducting compact power cables that are designed to resist oils like water-based oils, artificial oils, and mineral oils as well. These PVC cables were considered oil-resistant after passing a number of federal oil tests like the UL AWM 21098 test, and the oil res 1 and the oil res 2 tests, the CSA-AWM 1 and 2 tests, the CSA C22.2 test, the Section 8.8.8 and Section oil resistance tests, and the Norma Official Mexicana test. Aside from oil resistance, the cables have also passed the UL 1277 crush and impact test. Hence, they are also designed to work in most kinds of conditions, whether they are arid, cool, or even wet environments.

For technical specs, the Oflex® 190 series could be purchased with a minimum bending radius of at least four times in cable diameter for installation and up to at least six times in cable diameter if with a shield. The products could also withstand a temperature ranging from -50 to 90 degrees Celsius for flexible purposes and at least -400 up to 900 degrees Celsius for stationary purposes. The optimal voltage range that these wires can handle is up to 600 Volts, but a test range of up to 3000 Volts is also achievable. The stranding of the inside conductor is considered Class 5 VDE 0295 of fine wire, color-coded as black with white numerals and with a yellow or green ground color. In terms of construction, the standard Oflex 190 power cable comes with copper conductors that are thinly stranded, filled with non-absorbing stuffing and coated with a dry lubricant. All-in-all, the conducting materials are covered with an oil-resistant PVC material.

The Olflex® 190 CY, however, is different from its standard kind. The Olflex® 190 CY has been specially constructed to withstand signal distortion and impulse interference while negating electromagnetic interference. This product shares the same build and construction with the standard Olflex® 190, which includes the same thinly stranded copper material, a gray PVC insulator that has oil-resistant properties, a non-absorbing stuffing, and a dry lubricant, but in addition to that it has an 85 percent coverage copper braid to protect the conductors from interference.

If electricians or engineers desire power cables that have a compact design, oil-resistant properties, low electrical interference and adequate conducting capacity, then they might want to check out the Olflex® 190 and 190CY series.

WesBell is a very large distributor for Olflex® Wire and Cable. We stock Olflex® 190 shielded and unshielded, Olflex® 890 Continuous Flexible Cables and much more. Olflex®, now Lapp USA, manufactures control cables, robotic cables and tray cables for equipment and machinery in the wire and cable industry.

Olflex® 190 is rated for 600 volts, 90°C and has UL, CSA, CE and RoHS approvals to fit the requirements of most OEM’s and equipment manufacturers needs. The 190 series has all black numbered conductors with a Green/Yellow ground wire. The shielded version has a braid overall shield to block electrical interference.