Olflex® Cable 110CY Shielded

Olflex® 11335624

starting at $34.86 / ft.

Olflex® 1135003

starting at $5.58 / ft.

Olflex® 1135004

starting at $7.11 / ft.

Olflex® 1135005

starting at $8.01 / ft.

Olflex® 1135007

starting at $10.08 / ft.

Olflex® 1135012

starting at $11.22 / ft.

Olflex® 1135018

starting at $12.18 / ft.

Olflex® 1135025

starting at $15.54 / ft.

Olflex® 1135203

starting at $5.91 / ft.

Olflex® 1135204

starting at $7.29 / ft.

Olflex® 1135205

starting at $7.56 / ft.

Olflex® 1135207

starting at $8.97 / ft.

Olflex® 1135212

starting at $13.11 / ft.

Olflex® 1135218

starting at $16.95 / ft.

Olflex® 1135225

starting at $21.93 / ft.

Olflex® 1135303

starting at $7.20 / ft.

Olflex® 1135304

starting at $8.52 / ft.

Olflex® 1135305

starting at $9.27 / ft.

Olflex® 1135307

starting at $10.56 / ft.

Olflex® 1135312

starting at $16.95 / ft.

Olflex® 1135318

starting at $22.80 / ft.

Olflex® 1135325

starting at $30.63 / ft.

Olflex® 1135403

starting at $10.44 / ft.

Olflex® 1135404

starting at $12.18 / ft.

Olflex® 1135405

starting at $12.87 / ft.

Olflex® 1135407

starting at $16.92 / ft.

Olflex® 1135504

starting at $13.98 / ft.

Olflex® 1135505

starting at $16.98 / ft.

Olflex® 1135604

starting at $16.38 / ft.

Olflex® 1135614

starting at $22.86 / ft.

Olflex® 1135752

starting at $4.29 / ft.

Olflex® 1135852

starting at $4.11 / ft.

Olflex® 1135902

starting at $5.67 / ft.

About Olflex® Cable 110CY Shielded

No brand or kind of computer, data processing unit, kitchen appliance, or any other mechanical device would have the capacity to work if not for the invention of wiring systems. The birth of these intricate conduction systems have made it easier for companies and future inventors to transmit electrical and encoded information as well as power-up machinery in order to perform their task. There had been many difficulties in the past to overcome the barriers to the proliferation of technology, but many companies have strived to continue. One innovation was the Olflex® 110 and 110CY Series.

The Olflex® 110 and 110CY Series features thinly woven strands of copper multi conducting material that is designed to work even in harsh conditions, whether damp, parched, or very wet. The PVC jacket and insulation ensures proper transmission within the wiring and prevention of bare circuits. The insides are filled with non-absorbing stuffing to make sure that adequate conduction of electronic waves. For technical specifications, the Olflex® 110 is capable of four times in cable diameter for installation in terms of minimum bend radius. The standard wiring is capable of withstanding temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius up to 80 degrees Celsius. The optimum voltage that these wires could hold is from at least 300 up to 500 Volts. Based on tests, however, the wires are theoretically capable of withstanding at least 4000 Volts. The fine copper wire is considered Class 5, VDE 0295 based on conducting standards. The wires are also color-coded with white and black numerals, as well as yellow or green indicators for ground. The product has also had numerous tests to ensure safety and efficiency, which includes CE Low Voltage Directive tests and other VDE guidelines. The PVC insulation is also designed to be oil-resistant, as approved by several federal oil tests like the CSA AWM 1 and 2 tests, UL AWM 21098 test and the oil res 1 and 2 tests.

There is another member of the series in this product line, and that is the Olflex 110 CY. The Olflex® 110 CY is different from its standard product brother in that it has a special tinned copper braid in between the insulation and conduction circuitry. This new innovation was tailored in order to make sure that the conduction pathways are met with less electronic interference and better electrical transmission within the wires. It has at least 85 of copper tin coverage to protect from EMI, or electromagnetic interference. Aside from that, these shielded wires are also capable of up to six times the cable diameter of minimum bend radius. Aside from these new additions, the Olflex 110 CY has all the other standard features like the dry lubricant, the non-absorbing fillers, the copper wire conductors, and the oil-resistant PVC jacket insulation.

For starters in the electronic business, as well as those professional engineers needing less electronic interference as well as maximum electrical conductance, it is a good option to consider the Olflex® 110 and 110CY Series.

WesBell is a very large distributor for Olflex® Wire and Cable. We stock Olflex® 190 shielded and unshielded, Olflex® 890 Continuous Flexible Cables and much more. Olflex®, now Lapp USA, manufactures control cables, robotic cables and tray cables for equipment and machinery in the wire and cable industry.

Olflex® 190 is rated for 600 volts, 90°C and has UL, CSA, CE and RoHS approvals to fit the requirements of most OEM’s and equipment manufacturers needs. The 190 series has all black numbered conductors with a Green/Yellow ground wire. The shielded version has a braid overall shield to block electrical interference.