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Burndy® is a leading manufacturer of compression lugs, tooling and dies for the electrical wire and cable market. Copper cables need lugs to make a secure connection. Lugs range in size to fit the size of the cable in question. If you plan to cut and assemble your welding cable you can purchase the cable, lugs and tooling separately to save time and money.

Burndy® has been in business since 1924 manufacturing quality products. They have battery-operating crimping tools so that you can use them on the job site whether you have a power supply available or not.

WesBell Electronics keeps Burndy® compression lugs, tools and dies in stock to manufacture cable assemblies for you or sell them to you so that you can build them yourself. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we will make welding cable assemblies for you and guarantee their quality. Please call for pricing if you’d like to take advantage!

Burndy® Products for Sale

Our Burndy lugs and crimping tools are part of the manufacturer’s engineered system, ensuring compatibility and that your finished connections meet federal industrial standards. Whether you’re an electrical or telecommunications worker, you’ll find professional-grade solutions to complete your cable assemblies efficiently.

Burndy® Compression Lugs

WesBell Electronics supplies several types of Burndy® compression lugs to help you make reliable electrical connections and economical installations.

We have flexible copper compression connectors in stock made from high-conductivity electrolytic copper. In addition to their low resistance and ductility, these lugs often run cooler than the installed wire and are protected against surges, extreme temperatures and vibration. Lugs are plated for enhanced corrosion resistance, and some models have inspection windows so you can verify the finished crimp.

All of our available compression lugs are UL and CSA approved and rated to hold between 600 to 35,000 volts. We offer four types of Burndy® lugs, divided between barrel length and hole count:

  • Short or long barrel lugs: Use a longer barrel lug for greater security and protection against vibration, but you must crimp it twice. Select a short barrel lug when crimping the wire a single time.
  • One or two-hole lugs: One bolt can be tightened into a one-hole lug, whereas two-hole terminals can utilize a pair of bolts for a surer connection against heavy vibration.

Be sure to verify that your chosen lug’s size matches the AWG or MCM dimensions of the flexible cable you’re working with. Fortunately, connectors include information on the wire size, type, die, color-coding and crimping locations for you.

Burndy® Handheld Crimping Tools

Perfect for lighter-duty jobs yet versatile for multiple types of wire, Burndy® crimpers are a lightweight and affordable alternative to hydraulic tools. Their ratcheting mechanisms release only when the crimping cycle is complete, ensuring quick and accurate wire prep each time. We carry an array of products for use with nylon- or vinyl-insulated terminals and splices, as well as uninsulated connectors.

You’ll find crimping tools with color-coded, permanent dies to help you select the right groove. These hand-operated crimpers are manufactured with durable, premium materials to withstand the knocks of traveling in the field. Plus, they’re also engineered with ergonomic handles to lower fatigue. All crimping tools we distribute come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

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