Adhesive 4 to 1

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All Heat Shrink Tubing

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About Adhesive 4 to 1

Flame retardant, flexible Polyolefin heat shrink tubing lined with a moisture proof sealant. For use in repairing and protecting cable jackets, outdoor connections and splices. Upon shrinking, the inner adhesive melts and flows while outer tubing shrinks to conform to substrate. Ideal for strain relief, sealing, encapsulating, moisture and corrosion protection of wires and termials.

WesBell Electronics stocks heat shrink tubing as an added accessory to its wire and cable products. This is the 4:1 Polyolefin with adhesive. It has an adhesive glue on the inside that melts when heated so it has a better hold on the wire. If you don’t need the adhesive line, try our standard 4:1 Polyolefin tubing without adhesive.