Custom Orders

We offer more services than we list on our website but they are more complicated so you’ll need to call, send drawings and complete our first-article quality approval before ordering. Custom copper wire orders are wire harnesses and cable assemblies that involve crimping terminals to the end of the wire and inserting the wires into plastic housing. There are too many variations and lengths to keep in stock so we need to get as much information as we can from you, the customer.

Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses include terminals that you would find on or We have crimp presses that hold a reel of terminals and use a foot pedal to crimp each wire, which is a very fast and efficient way of crimping compared to hand crimping. We can add heat shrink tubing, solder, bread ties, zip ties, labels, and more to your assembly, as you need or request.

Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are even more detailed and need to be approved by the customer first. Once we make a first article for you, we’ll send it to you for your approval. Then we know that we’ll make them to your satisfaction each time afterwards, or it will be our fault, which is guaranteed to be replaced for free.

Minimum Orders

We rarely tell customers there is a minimum buy. Instead we offer a competitive price that still satisfies the quantity that the customer requested so that there isn’t any added waste. If you only need 100 pieces of a wire harness or cable assembly we can figure out how to get it to you for a reasonable price.

Kan Ban System or Bread Man System

WesBell will put a buffer quantity of your parts on the shelf for you. When you know that you need 10,000 piece of the same part throughout the year, you can place the entire order with us up front, without paying for it. You can request that we keep 100 pieces on the shelf, ready to ship immediately, and we’ll always have them ready when you call to release them. Once you release the parts you’ll get an invoice for those parts only. This is a low level contract that doesn’t require you to take a certain amount of parts per month, but you must take the entire order within 12 months of ordering.

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