SJOOW Cable 10/3


$2.50 / ft.

SJOOW 10/3

The WesBell SJOOW cable 10/3 is a Service Junior Oil Oil Water (SJOOW) Cable from our multiconductor portable cord product section. Its primary features are the oil-resistant conductors and jacket and the water-resistant (not submersible) jacket. This multiconductor portable cord or service cord is used for portable applications that require power.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
1 - 499 $2.54 / ft.
500 - 999 $2.36 / ft.
1000 or more $2.20 / ft.

Product Details

CPE Jacket, Bare Copper, Premium grade EPDM insulation
Portable tools and equipment, Portable appliances, Small motors and associated machinery
RoHS, MSHA, CSA, 90C, 300 Volts, Resistance to oil and water, UL, Good tensile strength and high flexibility, Excellent abrasion resistance, O-zone and sunlight resistant

Features of SJOOW Cable 10/3

The SJOOW cable 10/3 has three stranded bare copper conductors. Copper is great for corrosion resistance and flexibility in constricted areas. This metal will provide high electrical conductivity for your connections.

The ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer (EPDM) insulation is flexible at high and low temperatures and has excellent cut-through resistance. You can count on this cable to last in various conditions and have more protection against damage. The specific temperature range of SJOOW cable 10/3 is minus 40 C to 90 C.

The jacket material of SJOOW cable 10/3 comprises neoprene for durability and excellent chemical and flame resistance. This cable is made to withstand oil, water and weather for reliable functionality in any condition.

This type of SJOOW cable is rated for 300 volts since it is a “junior” cable, while SOOW is rated for 600 volts. This lower voltage rating makes SJOOW cable 10/3 a cost-effective option when you need a quality cable for applications with lower power demand.

Uses for SJOOW Cable 10/3

Due to the lower voltage rating of this cable, SJOOW cable 10/3 is made for applications that have a low power demand and require flexibility and durability, like compact appliances and small-scale motors. You could use SJOOW cable similar to an extension cord in order to provide current to power tools and equipment.

This cable has several safety certifications. It is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive in the European Union, which means that it uses environmentally friendly alternatives for lead, mercury, cadmium and other metals. SJOOW cable 10/3 is also approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), so you can use this cable in underground mines.

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