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Jan 19, 2024

UL1283 Wire Guide

UL1238 is a type of hookup wire with a strong temperature rating and exceptional flexibility. Used for internal and external applications, UL1238 wire features stranded tinned copper and higher voltage capabilities than many other types of hookup wire. It also passes many safety standards and is prevalent in appliances. Continue reading to learn more about UL1283, including its specifications, safety standards and uses, to determine how it can benefit your next project.

What Is UL1283 Wire?

UL1283 is a versatile hookup wire with polyvinyl chloride insulation, with good abrasion resistance and excellent flame resistance. This insulation is only .03 inches thick, offering flexibility despite the wire’s thicker overall diameter. By design, it is specifically for internal wiring applications, making it a good choice for appliances and machining wires that need flexibility. Another reason for using UL1283 in these applications is its vast temperature rating, which spans minus 40 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

Some specific applications for UL1283 wire include:

  • Appliance wiring
  • Machine tool wire
  • Thermoplastic equipment wire
  • Device manufacturing

UL1283 wire is ideal for uses requiring electromagnetic interference protection. The wire can reduce the risk of interference from external sources, often essential for sensitive electronic equipment or systems, and maintain the integrity of your electrical signals to keep equipment operating smoothly and safely.

UL1238 wire ensures effective electrical connections while meeting stringent industry standards. It comes in different colors, gauge sizes, stranding configurations, insulation materials, voltage ratings and conductor metals. With so many choices, you can quickly find the best match, achieving optimal performance and reliability for your specific project.

Safety Standards and Specifications

UL1283 has certifications from reputable third-party organizations like CSA Group and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. It has also passed the UL VW-1 flame test. Its bare or tinned copper conductor and PVC insulation exceed Underwriters Laboratories and National Electric Code requirements. You can use UL1238 wire for internal and external appliance wiring.

UL1283 vs. Other Hookup Wire

With so many types of hookup wire, you should be familiar with their differences to select the best one for your application that offers a good balance of characteristics. Remember, UL1283 supports 600 volts and up to 105 degrees Celsius and comes in 4 and 6 AWG. Here’s how it compares to some other popular forms of hookup wire.

  • UL1015: UL1015 also features PVC insulation and is used for similar applications, but it has much smaller AWGs, around 10-26, using tinned copper strands. Like UL1283, it also supports 600 volts and 105 degrees Celsius.
  • UL1007: UL1007 is available in a wider range of AWG sizes and also uses tinned copper. It has thinner insulation than UL1015 and only supports 300 volts and temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, making it a good choice for high-flexibility applications in low-heat environments.
  • UL1028: UL1028 has similar characteristics to UL1283, supporting 600 volts and 105 degrees Celsius, but it supports a smaller AWG size of 8.
  • Types E, EE and ET: All these wires use polytetrafluoroethylene insulation, giving them better temperature and chemical resistance. They support temperatures of minus 60 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius and up to 1,000 volts. Type ET is the thinnest and Type EE is the thickest, with Type ET supporting only 250 volts but offering more flexibility.

When to Use UL1283 Wire

When to Use UL1283 Wire

You will find UL1283 wire in machine tools, control cabinets, appliances, electronic circuits, meters, transformers and switchboards. Due to its exceptional electrical conductivity, it is useful for internal and external wiring. With a flame-retardant lead wire and a high-temperature rating of 105 degrees Celsius, this electrical cable can work efficiently in demanding environments. Many industries use UL1238 in diverse applications.

  • Industrial: In industrial settings, UL1283 wire can prevent EMI-related issues in machinery and automation systems. Within power distribution applications, it ensures reliable power transmission and properly working equipment.
  • Telecommunications: UL1283 wire can be useful in data centers to prevent EMI and data transmissions, keeping networking equipment working as needed. It can also benefit routers, switches, servers, fiber-optic networks, telecommunication towers and satellite communication systems.
  • Defense: UL1283 maintains critical reliability and safety in the defense sector. You might also find it in aerospace applications like aircraft or satellites, navigation, military equipment, radar or communication systems.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace electronics, UL1283 wire can be especially useful in shielding wiring in aircraft and satellites. It protects against EMI disruption, maintaining uninterrupted communication and data transmission in harsh environments.
  • Automotive Electronics: In engine control units, sensors and actuators, safety systems and electric vehicles, UL1238 safeguards automotive electronics from EMI sources to keep airbag sensors and anti-lock brakes functioning. In this way, the wire can maintain reliable connections in emergencies.
  • Medical: UL1238 wire can safeguard sensitive electronic components like MRI machines, ultrasound machines and X-ray systems to maintain signal integrity, obtain accurate readings and ensure patient safety. It can prevent EMI-related malfunctions in surgical equipment.

UL1283 Wire From WesBell Electronics

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile hookup wire for your appliances, machines or device manufacturing? Look no further than UL1283 wire from WesBell Electronics. With its exceptional features and certifications, UL1283 wire is the ideal solution for multiple applications.

We carry UL1283 in 4 and 6 American Wire Gauge. Both types have 133 strands of tinned copper and come in a wide range of colors for easy color-coding. These include black, blue, gray, brown, orange, green, white, purple, red and yellow. At WesBell Electronics, we can also stripe for you and cut to any unusual size you need. We offer bulk pricing discounts at specific quantities.

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