18 AWG, UL1015-18-16


$0.11 / ft.


WesBell UL1015 Wire has stranded tinned copper strands and a 600 volt PVC insulation. UL1015 is also approved to CSA standards and UL1230 for 105C. It passes a UL VW-1 flame test and it’s most commonly used as appliance wire.

100ft. minimum on ALL Hook UP Wire


Spiral Stripe

Add a Spiral Stripe to your wire.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
100 - 499 $0.11 / ft.
500 - 999 $0.09 / ft.
1000 or more $0.07 / ft.

Product Details

.030 Insulation Thickness, Tinned copper, PVC
Internal wiring of appliances, Device manufacturing, Electronics
105C, RoHS Compliant, UL1015, UL1230, 600 Volts, CSA

18 AWG UL1015-18-16 Construction

The WesBell 18 AWG UL1015-18-16 wire has the conductivity you expect with a tinned copper interior featuring size 16 strandings. Tinning allows for better resistance against corrosion when you use this wire in a humid or heated setting. The outer 0.030 PVC layer insulates the copper for even better resistance. We’ve produced this wire to meet your demands for less bulk and more flexibility.

Although our UL1015 comes in standard black color, we can customize it for easy identification. Choose from a spiral in any of the following contrasting colors for an affordable fee:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Gray

UL1015 handles up to 600 volts and meets requirements for 105C, RoHS, CSA, UL1015 and UL1230.

18 AWG UL1015-18-16 Applications

If you manufacture small devices or appliances, our UL1015 is the perfect choice. It’s lightweight, thin and pliable enough to fit into tight spaces and wrap around necessary components. Plus, this wire is right at home in high-heat environments, making it appropriate for electronics use. The natural water resistance also makes it a good fit for devices subjected to humidity.

Buy 18 AWG UL1015-18-16 Wire Online Now

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! The experienced team at WesBell draws on over three decades of service for unmatched expertise. All our wires and cables meet the highest quality standards and come from our ISO 9001/2015-certified facility. Custom assemblies are our specialty, so contact us to design one if you don’t see an in-stock solution. Show us your project or call 800-334-8400 for personal advice today!

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