14 AWG, UL1015-14-41


$0.27 / ft.


With our 14 AWG wire, you can get trusted performance and compliance for your operating requirements. This stranded wire selection can handle 600-volt currents and is built for durability in various appliances and applications. At WesBell Electronics, we offer a diverse range of quality solutions for your wiring, cabling and other electrical needs, and we’ll help you find the products that work best for your projects.

WesBell UL1015 Wire has stranded tinned copper strands and a 600-volt PVC insulation. UL1015 is also approved to CSA standards and UL1230 for 105C. It passes a UL VW-1 flame test, and it’s most commonly used as appliance wire. This wire is highly reliable and versatile to address your operating requirements.

100ft. minimum on ALL Hook UP Wire


Spiral Stripe

Add a Spiral Stripe to your wire.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
100 - 499 $0.27 / ft.
500 - 999 $0.22 / ft.
1000 or more $0.18 / ft.

Product Details

.030 Insulation Thickness, Tinned copper, PVC
Internal wiring of appliances, Device manufacturing, Electronics
105C, RoHS Compliant, UL1015, UL1230, 600 Volts, CSA

The UL1015 wire features optimized construction materials and complies with several essential requirements and approvals. Work with us to get the best option for your projects.


This wire solution has a construction optimized for appliance requirements and features these materials:

  • .030 Insulation Thickness
  • PVC
  • Tinned copper


Offering capabilities to meet a range of operational needs, our UL 1015 wire suits several applications, including:

  • Device manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Internal wiring of appliances


105C, 600 Volts, CSA, RoHS Compliant, UL1015, UL1230

Warranty Information

The standard warranty for our wire products is one year. You can consult our team for more information on each product listing’s warranty terms.

Source Your 14 AWG, UL1015-14-41 Wire From Us

At WesBell, we offer high-performance wiring and other electrical products to address various industrial applications. You can trust us to provide fully compliant and reliable solutions that match your unique operating needs. We offer options for bulk purchases and provide ongoing product support. If you’re unsure which wire options you need, you can contact our expert team or request custom specifications.

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