Cut, Strip and Install Romex Wire
May 5, 2023

Cut, Strip and Install Romex Wire

Romex cable is manufactured by Southwire, the largest copper wire manufacturer in the United States. The name Romex is usually followed by NM or NM-B, which stands for “Non-Metallic” and “Non-Metallic with ground.”

Romex is a versatile electrical wire used for numerous dry indoor wiring applications. It comes in many sizes and configurations, accommodating various home and business wiring projects. Its PVC jacket design makes it easy to pull through conduit. However, it shouldn’t be used outdoors, as water, oil, gas and other liquids can penetrate the jacket and damage the connection.

Romex wire is available in several sizes, depending on how much power you need to run. The most common sizes are 10 American Wire Gauge (AWG), 12 AWG and 14 AWG. The wires are color-coded, so an electrician can easily determine the cable’s size just by looking at it:

  • Romex 10/2 and 10/3: Orange outer jacket
  • Romex 12/2 and 12/3: Yellow outer jacket
  • Romex 14/2 and 14/3: White outer jacket

Anything larger than 10 AWG has a gray outer jacket. You can request a minimum wire run of 50,000 feet to get different colors in these large cables. It’s important to consult an electrician before picking out an AWG size.

Cutting and Stripping Romex Wire

First, you’ll need to remove the cable’s outer sheath. This process is called stripping. You can use a cable ripper or utility knife to remove the sheath. Follow the wire’s contours carefully to avoid nicking or cutting them.

When stripping cable with a utility knife, always work on a flat vertical or horizontal service. Cut away from your body instead of toward it. Remember that the larger the cable, the more pressure you’ll need to apply.

Be very careful when cutting the jacket off to prevent injuries. It sounds repetitive, but accidents happen. Cutting yourself with a sharp blade that’s meant to cut a PVC jacket is no fun. Rather than trying to handle this process yourself and risk injury, it’s best to consult an expert to help you with Romex wire cutting and installation.

How to Install Romex Wire

How to Install Romex Wire

After cutting and stripping the wire, follow these tips when running it to an electrical box:

  • Ensure safe entry and exit points. To prevent damage to the wire, you should always fit cable entry and exit points with the appropriate brushings or connectors. With the help of an experienced technician, find brushings and connectors specifically manufactured for Romex conduits.
  • Choose the correct conduit size. Placing Romex wire into a conduit that’s too small for the cable size can crush, bind or damage the sheathing. Choose a conduit size your Romex wire can easily pass through.
  • Place your wire carefully. Place your Romex wires in PVC pipes before using them. Ensure the wires aren’t buried more than 3 to 4 inches from the ground’s surface. Running the wires along building boulders allows you to clip them in place, preventing them from slipping.

Remember to check your local jurisdiction codes before starting this project. The National Electrical Code (NEC) standards vary by state. A building inspector and technician will need to approve your wiring project before you can begin.

Additionally, you should replace Romex wires after a year or two of use. Have a technician regularly inspect your wires to ensure they still uphold NEC regulations.

Get the Romex Wire You Need From WesBell Electronics

Get the Romex Wire You Need From WesBell Electronics

At WesBell Electronics, we provide high-quality Romex wire and cut-to-order services, making it easy to find the right Romex cables for your indoor wiring projects.

Our knowledgeable technicians are happy to assist you if you’re unsure which type you need. WesBell also offers extensive wire processing services. We can cut, strip and prepare cables for your project, so you don’t have to take on this task yourself.

Enjoy durable, affordable and long-lasting cable by choosing WesBell Electronics for your wiring needs. Browse our selection of Romex wire and order the cables you need. If you need help finding a solution, get in touch with us today!