Cut, Strip and Install Romex NM-B Cable

Romex cable is manufactured by a company called Southwire, which is currently the largest copper wire manufacturer in the USA. The name Romex is usually followed by NM or NM-B which stands for “Non Metallic” and “Non Metallic with ground”.

Take a look at this video to see the correct way to cut and strip the Romex jacket off and install it in a standard electrical box. The video shows a few different situations that a contractor will see on everyday jobs. There are metal and plastic boxes that have different ways of making the connections with the electrical wire.

Even though there is a white and yellow cable sitting on his bench they are still both Romex NM-B cables. The white has 14 awg wires and the yellow has 12 awg wires. The Romex 12/2 with ground is used for installations using higher amounts of current.

Be very careful when cutting the jacket off to prevent injuries. It sounds repetitive but accidents happen and cutting yourself with a sharp blade that’s meant to cut a pvc jacket will ruin your day. Watch the video closely to make sure you always cut the cable correctly.