UFB Cable 6/2


$4.38 / ft.

UFB 6/2

A WesBell underground feeder cable (UFB)  is an electrical wire with bare copper conductors and thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) insulation. This wire is ideal for direct burial underground electrical applications. With a UFB cable 6/2 from WesBell, you can safely run electricity wherever you please.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
1 - 99 $4.38 / ft.
100 - 499 $4.05 / ft.
500 or more $3.76 / ft.

Product Details

THHN conductors, Flat conductor layout, Individually covered conductors, Bare Copper
Direct burial underground cable, 600 Volts, 90°C, Residential wiring, New electrical supply cable to a barn or garage, Connect power to hot tub
NFPA 78, RoHS, REACH, UL493, UL83, NEC, AA59544

Features of UFB Cable 6/2

A UFB cable 6/2 features bare annealed copper conductors that are corrosion-resistant and highly conductive. The copper is stranded to improve flexibility and electrical conductivity. THHN insulation protects this material, giving the wire resistance to flames, gas, oil, high temperatures and moisture.

Our UFB cable 6/2 has a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket that prevents the wire from short-circuiting or receiving damage from fire, sun rays, fungus and moisture. These jackets are color-coded to aid in identification. The cable layout is flat so the jacket can cover each ground and THHN conductor individually.

UFB cable 6/2 can handle high electrical currents up to 600 volts and has a heat capacity of 90 C.

UFB Cable 6/2 Applications

This cable is approved by the National Electrical Code (NEC), meaning it can be installed as interior wiring in environments below 90 C, including those that are corrosive, wet or dry. UFB cable 6/2 can be used as residential wiring for interior branch circuit wiring, for instance.

You can use UFB cable 6/2 instead of metal-clad (MC) cable and nonmetallic (NMB) cable for applications that require direct underground installation without conduit. Dig a trench for the UFB cable and gain a long installation life. This cable can also be exposed to direct sun rays. Specific outdoor applications include outdoor pumps, lamp posts, barns, garages and hot tubs.

The UFB cable 6/2 is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations in the European Union, which certifies this product uses environmentally friendly metal alternatives. Our cable also has approvals from the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) because it meets industry standards.

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WesBell is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience with wires and cables for every kind of application. Add the UFB cable 6/2 to your cart and place your order today for a product that will get the job done. For more information, contact us online.

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