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Dec 3, 2022

Type G and Type G-GC Cable

Type G and G-GC cables provide grounding, which is an essential part of many applications. These cords are a type of Service Oil Oil Water (SOOW) multiconductor portable cord used for power supply, but unlike traditional SOOW cables, they have a small grounding wire for each conductor. These elements are required for many types of equipment, and some even require a ground check wire, which you can find in the G-GC cable.

Both wiring types offer powerful advantages for a wide range of tasks. Here, we’ll take a closer look at these cables, including what they’re made of and what they offer to the task at hand.

What Is Type G Cable?

Type G cable adds one small ground wire for each conductor. If your cable has five conductors, you’ll get five ground wires. Thanks to its very high voltage rating, this cable offers industrial strength and serves well on demanding work sites with large pieces of equipment. The most common applications include power supplies and mining equipment, though it can stand up to numerous heavy-duty environments. You’ll often find Type G power cables in underground direct burial or submerged marine applications.

Our Type G cord is made up of bare copper conductors, a chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jacket and premium ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) insulation. This construction gives it a range of protective qualities. Some of the agents it can resist include:

  • Abrasion.
  • Chemicals, including oils and alkalies.
  • Water.
  • Heat.
  • Ozone.
  • Impacts.

These cables are rated for temperatures between minus 40℃ and 90℃ and can accommodate up to 2,000 volts. We offer the Type G cable in American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes 1/0 to 8, with four conductors.

Type G Multi conductor power supply cable

What Is Type G-GC Cable?

The Type G-GC cable provides a ground wire for every power side wire, but it also has an additional ground check wire. These ground check wires are important for monitoring the grounding circuit over time, and many industries, such as mining, require them for certain applications.

Like the Type G cable, Type G-GC cables have the same bare copper conductors, CPE jackets and EPDM insulation for protection against:

  • Abrasion.
  • Chemicals, including oils and alkalies.
  • Water.
  • Heat.
  • Ozone.
  • Impacts.

Since these cables will be put to use in demanding environments, it makes sense that they need to stand up to all of these types of damage. Direct burial often requires chemical and water resistance, while the possibility of being run over by massive equipment calls for impact-resistant materials. Even something as simple as sitting in the sun all day makes ozone and heat resistance vital.

These Type G-GC cords are also rated from minus 40℃ to 90℃ and can support up to 2,000 volts. They are available in AWG 1/0 to 8 with three conductors.

The Benefits of Type G-GC and Type G Cable

Both of these cables offer a wide range of capabilities. As noted above, they provide protection from many different damaging agents, like sunlight and chemicals, and they’re built to stand up to tough situations, making them particularly useful in industrial environments.

They can handle submersion in water as well as being stepped on and rolled over, all while providing substantial power transmission for high-demand applications. This level of power is critical for many of the types of work in which you’ll find Type G and G-GC cables.

Another useful characteristic of Type G and G-GC cords is their flexibility. They can twist and turn for easy movement and storage, providing portability. They’ll tolerate up to 90℃ in dry environments, and up to 75℃ when wet. They even provide permanent indented markings for easy identification.

If you have a single- or three-phase AC system that requires grounding, we have two-conductor cables in addition to those with three and four to fit particular demands.

Both Type G and G-GC cables have a range of certifications from outside organizations, so you can trust that they’re right for the job. These approvals come from:

  • The CSA Group.
  • UL LLC.
  • The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
  • Compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

Most Type G-GC and Type G cables are going to have black jackets, but you can find some in white, red and orange depending on the number of conductors.

Applications for Type G and Type G-GC Cable

You’ll find Type G and G-GC cables in industrial, quarry and mining applications, serving in light- to heavy-duty work. They provide robust power cabling with their high voltage ratings and have the construction to stand up to some of the toughest environments. Their flexible build also makes them great for powering portable equipment. Some of the heavy-duty equipment they can power includes loaders, drills, pumps, conveyors, shuttle cars and various stationary equipment.

When using these cables in mining applications, you’ll want to ensure they abide by standards set forth by the MSHA, an agency that helps to determine and create safe environments in mines. Our Type G and Type G-GC cables are MSHA-approved and can assist in ensuring regulatory compliance and creating a safe workspace.

Other places where you might find these cables include marine applications. They’re rated for water submersion and can offer the required power for offshore and dockside equipment.

If your work entails tough environments, exposing your cables to nicks and abrasion, Type G and G-GC cables are an excellent solution.

Buy Type G and G-GC Cables From WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics sells different types of single and multiconductor industrial power cables, including the Type G and G-GC copper power cable. These are rugged cables that can withstand a lot of impact for even the most heavy-duty demands. If this cable isn’t right for your needs, we also sell many other types of power cables, including welding cableType W, medium-voltage cables, Type MC and tray cable. We also stock diesel locomotive (DLO) cableentertainment or stage lighting cable, and portable power cord cables for specialized applications.

Whichever kind of cable you need, you’ll get the support of WesBell Electronics behind it. We offer a wide range of cables, along with the preparation services you need to support your work. We can cut wires to length, strip and twist them, and prepare them in other ways. Plus, if you’re not sure what kind of cable is the right one for your application, we’re always happy to help.

Browse our selection of Type G and G-GC cables or reach out to us if you have any questions.

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