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Nov 14, 2016

Selling Copper Wire Services Online

About 10 years ago WesBell was one of the first copper wire websites that offered wire by the foot, and 10 years later, in 2016, we will be the first to offer copper wire services online as well. We’ve always tried to set ourselves aside from our competitors by being innovative and offering products and services that others do not. We saw the value in offering copper wire by the foot and we also see the value in offering services online without having to call to place an order.

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Technology in the Industry

You may not think there’s much of a need for technology in the wire business, but I assure you there is most definitely a need. We need equipment to spool wire to smaller sizes, twist wire, stripe wire, cut wire to length with each end slightly stripped, and tooling to crimp terminals to the end of each wire. We also need project management software to help plan our jobs for on-time deliveries, ERP software to keep a database of our customers, vendors, inventory, BOM kits, payables and receivables.

WesBell’s Continuous Improvement

Standing still in business is walking backwards and remaining stagnant is moving back in time. We must take steps forward in order to remain competitive and to remain valuable to our customers. We became ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified to improve our quality processes, we bought equipment to improve quality and increase quantity, we hired staff to give a better customer experience, we have humans answer the phone because when someone actually picks up the phone in 2016 they expect a human response. Our list of services increases on a daily basis when new customers ask new questions, because we like to help our customers in every way possible.

Copper Wire and Insulation Training

We like to learn new things every day, so we research different types of wire and cable products along with their connections, installations and environments. The more we handle the wire ourselves the more we learn about it and can discuss it knowledgeably with our customers. Once we describe a certain type of wire to you over the phone we’ll send you a data sheet from the manufacturer, and we’ll describe how we can service the wire for you. We have equipment, tools and processes set up to service copper wire quickly and efficiently which means we can save you money if you’re doing it by hand.

Online Value Added Services Process

As you buy hook up wire, single conductor portable cord, multiconductor portable cord and electronic cables on our website, you’ll be able to cut, strip, stripe, twist, remove outer jackets, strip the insulation from the conductors, and tine dip the copper wires into solder to avoid fraying during shipment. The tin dipping process also helps adhere to solder if you plan to solder the wires to a circuit board or another electronic device. The Product total and Services total will be separated so that you can see the separation of what you’re paying for along the way.

Contract Assembly Growth

Being a contract manufacturer means more than being a subcontractor for a single company. It means we have equipment, tooling and processes set up to handle multiple customers at the same time. Each of our customers would need duplicate equipment, tools and people to handle the same amount of orders so there’s a cost advantage to outsourcing your copper wire services.


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