Welding Cable 4 AWG


$2.42 / ft.

Welding 4 AWG

If you’re looking for a specialized cable to reliably deliver power to your welding setup, consider purchasing 4 American Wire Gauge (AWG) welding cables. Our welding cable is expertly constructed with durability, flexibility and strength in mind, making it ideal for numerous applications across various industries.

At WesBell Electronics, we carry top-of-the-line welding cable from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, helping customers achieve performance that lasts.

QuantityBulk Pricing
1 - 99$2.42 / ft.
100 - 499$2.30 / ft.
500 or more$2.14 / ft.

Product Details

Bare Copper, Rubber EPDM
Portable Power, Secondary voltage resistance leads, Welding Machines
600 Volts, 90C, RoHS

WesBell Welding Cable is flexible and rated for 600 volts and 90C. It’s used as secondary voltage resistance welding leads and power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts. It comes in black or red as standard colors AWGs 6 through 500 MCM.


Our AWG 4 welding cable is strong and portable, comprising rubber insulation and copper strands housed within a non-conductive jacket. Its bare copper strands are both flexible and robust, enabling high portability and application versatility.

Welding cables also have a rubber ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) build that can resist damage from dragging, scraping and contact with abrasive objects. These protective qualities enable our cables to withstand harsh industrial environments, making them highly suitable for commercial applications.


When you purchase welding cable from WesBell Electronics, you can use it in numerous welding applications, ranging from industrial to commercial projects. Its flexibility and protective properties make this cable ideal for many power supply tasks.

Primary uses for our 4 AWG welding cables include:

  • Welding machines.
  • Portable power.
  • Secondary voltage resistance leads.


600 Volts, 90C, RoHS


Our welding cables come with many advantages, including:

  • Durability: Our welding cable has a robust outer jacket that safeguards it against everyday industrial damage, from dragging to abrasion, protecting it in the long term.
  • Simplicity: Most cables require you to evaluate numerous options to determine which is best for your application needs. Welding cable is used explicitly for welding, allowing for straightforward purchase decisions.
  • Flexibility: Our cables contain small copper strands that deliver high flexibility that trumps other cable types. The copper also equips the welding cables for high-voltage applications.

Invest in Welding Cable 4 AWG at WesBell Electronics Today

If you need high-quality welding cables you can trust for all of your industrial application needs, choose WesBell Electronics. We set ourselves apart as wire and cable distributors by offering wire and cable assembly services, saving customers production time and money.

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