Welding Cable 2/0


$7.42 / ft.

Welding 2/0

Welding cable provides the ideal solution to all of your soldering needs, whatever the industry. This cable type is designed to deliver dependable strength, durability and protection in various commercial and industrial environments, making it suitable for many applications.

When you purchase American Wire Gauge (AWG) 2/0 welding cable from WesBell Electronics, you’ll experience fortitude and flexibility that lasts.

QuantityBulk Pricing
1 - 99$7.42 / ft.
100 - 499$7.06 / ft.
500 or more$6.55 / ft.

Product Details

Bare Copper, Rubber EPDM
Portable Power, Secondary voltage resistance leads, Welding Machines
600 Volts, 90C, RoHS

WesBell Welding Cable is flexible and rated for 600 volts and 90C. It’s used as secondary voltage resistance welding leads and power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts. It comes in black or red as standard colors AWGs 6 through 500 MCM.


Our strong, portable power cable comprises durable copper strands with rubber insulation and a non-conductive jacket. Its rubber ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) construction can withstand scraping, dragging and contact with abrasive materials. The bare copper strands are flexible for high portability and versatility. Welding cable also provides dependable protection in various industrial settings, making this wire ideal for commercial applications.


Our welding cable is optimized for use in various industrial and commercial applications due to its flexibility, durability and endurance. Welding cable is commonly used for secondary voltage resistance welding leads as well as numerous power supply applications.

Primary uses for our 2/0 welding cable include:

  • Portable power.
  • Secondary voltage resistance leads.
  • Welding machines.


Purchasing welding cable 2/0 from WesBell Electronics means you’ll experience all the advantages of this high-quality power cable. The main benefits of using welding cable in your power supply projects include:

  • Flexibility: Welding cable has small copper strands that make it more flexible than other cable types. These strands can also handle higher voltage applications.
  • Durability: This cable’s rugged outer jacket delivers optimal protection against daily industrial damage, such as dragging across job sites, equipping it for long-lasting use.
  • Simplicity: While other wire types have complicated categories, uses and properties you have to consider for your desired application, welding cable is used for exactly what its name suggests — welding. The only choice you have to make is about length and flexibility.


600 Volts, 90C, RoHS

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