Type W Single Conductor 3/0


$6.82 / ft.

TYPE W 3/0

For rough environments, our Type W cables can stand up to plenty of impacts. They’re popular in the entertainment industry due to their resistance to many different damaging agents and powerful capacities.

QuantityBulk Pricing
1 - 99$6.82 / ft.
100 - 499$6.25 / ft.
500 or more$5.76 / ft.

Product Details

Bare Copper, EPDM insulation, Reinforced polyester braid, Super Vu-Tron RHH/RHW jacket
Entertainment industry, Mobile Communication Vans, Motion Pictures, Night Clubs, Portable power systems, Sound systems, Spotlights, Temporary or Permanent power applications up to 2000 volts, Theatre
2000 Volts, 90C, CSA, MSHA, Resists Oil Acids Alkalies Heat Flame Moisture and Chemicals, RHH/RHW, RoHS, Super Vu-Tron, UL, Water and Sunlight resistant, Withstands severe environmental conditions


Type W and SOOW Capabilities

This cable is a Type W and a Service Cord Oil-Resistant and Weather/Water-Resistant (SOOW) cable. That means it’s similar to an extension cord and offers a portable power supply in permanent and temporary applications. The Type W designation makes it more rugged than other SOOW cables.

WesBell Type W cable is dual insulated with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)/Super Vu-Tron rubber insulation. It also uses high-heat resistance (RHH) and rubber insulation with heat and water resistance (RHW) to make it a 2,000-volt heavy-duty cable. An open polyester braid reinforcement is applied between the insulation and jacket for mechanical strength.

Our Type W cable is a heavy-duty cable designed for severe environmental conditions, including getting run over by heavy equipment. It’s popular for portable power systems, sound systems, mobile communications vans, theaters, night clubs and spotlights. It’s also an outdoor power supply cable for large portable power systems.

Additional Details

This 3/0 SOOW cable features a 3/0 American Wire Gauge (AWG) rating, one conductor and 259 strandings. There is no ground wire, but it supports 350 amps of power and 2,000 volts. Its outer diameter reaches .93 square millimeters.

We sell our Type W 3/0 SOOW cables by the foot, so you only have to buy what you need. Bulk pricing is available for quantities over 100 and 500.

The WesBell Electronics Advantage

When you work with the experts at WesBell Electronics, you can expert quality cables at affordable costs, along with the assistance and service you need to find the right option for the job. Are you unsure if the 3/0 SOOW cable is right for you? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to talk about your project.

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