Speaker Wire 24/2 (C1356)


$0.09 / ft.


If you need high-quality speaker wire to support audio and stereo speaker systems, WesBell Electronics can supply what you need. We offer solutions that deliver optimized performance and durability for a broad range of requirements, and our speaker wire is ideal for your audio system wiring needs. Explore what we have to offer, and let us equip you with the right equipment for your projects.

WesBell speaker wire has one bare copper side and one tinned copper side to clearly designate the difference between each side. The PVC insulation comes in either black or clear and the conductors are bonded together so that they can peel back during installations. Speaker wire is commonly used to wire digital audio and stereo speaker systems.

100ft. minimum on ALL Speaker Wire


Product Details

Drain Wire
PVC Insulation, Copper strands (one bare and one tinned), Bonded conductors
Digital audio, Hi-fi and stereo speaker wire, Jukeboxes, Not for in-wall use, Home theater
UL Approved, RoHS Compliant

At WesBell, we offer our speaker wire solutions to perform optimally and deliver clear, reliable audio. The 24/2 product features specialized construction and complies with industry regulations to meet your needs.


Our speaker wire features these materials for optimized construction and performance:

  • Bonded conductors
  • Copper strands (one bare and one tinned)
  • PVC Insulation


You can implement our speaker wire solution for a range of audio systems, including:

  • Digital audio
  • Hi-fi and stereo speaker wire
  • Home theater
  • Jukeboxes
  • Not for in-wall use


RoHS Compliant, UL Approved

Warranty Information

Our standard warranty for wiring and cable products is one year. If you have questions about specific warranty conditions, contact our team for additional details.

Source Your 24/2 Speaker Wire From WesBell

With WesBell Electronics, you can access an extensive selection of high-quality products that match your operational needs in the electrical field. We’ve served our clients since 1988, and we continue our dedication to exceptional customer support today. You can trust us for dependable and compliant product solutions and ongoing product support. Partner with us to get what you need for your projects.

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