Romex NMB Cable 8/3


$1.70 / ft.


At WesBell, you can buy Romex 8/3 online for many of your indoor wiring needs.

Romex® wire or NM-B cable comprises THHN wires and a PVC jacket. There is also an additional bare copper ground wire which can be slightly smaller than the rest of the insulated conductors. It’s a nonmetallic sheathed cable used only indoors for wiring to appliances such as stoves and dryers throughout homes and buildings.

The THHN insulator makes Romex 8/3 strong and abrasion-resistant. The PVC jacket adds durability and UV resistance. This cable has a diameter of 0.565 inches and weighs 253 pounds for every 1,000 feet.

QuantityBulk Pricing
1 - 99$1.70 / ft.
100 - 499$1.57 / ft.
500 or more$1.46 / ft.

Product Details

Bare Copper, Black, Nylon Coating, PVC Jacket, THHN-PVC Insulation
Dishwasher, Hot tub (indoor only), Indoors only, New electrical panel (indoor only), Refridgerator, Residential wiring, Stove, Washer/Dryer
AA59544, ASTM B3 and B8, REACH, RoHS, UL719, UL83

What to Consider Before You Buy

Before you commit to your Romex 8/3 online purchase, you should consider the specifications of your usage. Whether you’re looking to fix a kitchen appliance or create an electrical panel, you should account for:

  • Voltage: Your equipment has specific voltage requirements. Check to ensure your wire choice matches this specification for efficient function.
  • Current-carrying capacity: It’s vital to understand the current-carrying capacity of your device to prevent dangerous overheating. Romex 8/3 amps should not exceed 40. Make sure your cable has an equal or higher amperage capacity than your device.
  • Conditions: While electrical constraints are crucial for functionality, the conditions a cable has to withstand are just as important to consider. The wiring jacket affects a cable’s response to the environment. With its nylon coating and PVC jacket, Romex 8/3 works best indoors, away from harsh outdoor elements.

Contact WesBell for Your Cable Needs

At WesBell Electronics, we have a wide selection of cables and wires to cater to your electrical needs. Get your Romex 8/3 online along with any other cable in our inventory. If you have any questions about our products, contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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