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12/2 romex nmb cable for sale

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ROMEX 12/2

WesBell Romex® wire is from our NM-B cable selection and is made of thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) wires with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket. You can use the nonmetallic sheathed cable for wiring switches and outlets throughout buildings like homes and similar indoors-only applications.

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1 - 99 $1.52 / ft.
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500 or more $1.32 / ft.

Product Details

PVC Jacket, Yellow, THHN-PVC Insulation, Nylon Coating, Bare Copper
Ceiling fans, Outlets, Light switches, Indoors only, Residential wiring
AA59544, UL719, ASTM B3 and B8, UL83, REACH, RoHS

Romex NMB Cable 12/2 Features

This 12 Romex cable has conductors made from annealed copper, one of the most conductive metals available. The copper is flexible for access to restrictive areas, and it is corrosion-resistant. There is also an additional bare copper ground wire which can be slightly smaller than the rest of the insulated conductors. The copper wires are compressed stranded to improve vibration resistance, bending capabilities and flexibility. Romex NMB Cable 12/2 wires also have a THHN coating to withstand high temperatures, moisture and high voltage.

The Romex cable’s PVC jacket prevents fire and short-circuiting. Also, this wire is easy to pull through the conduit, which is why Romex is also called SIMpull®. The cable has a voltage rating of 600 volts and a temperature maximum of 90 C.

Applications for the Romex NMB Cable 12/2

Romex cable can be used in exposed and concealed work in dry conditions. The main uses of this cable are residential wiring for branch circuits for switches, outlets and similar loads. The wires can be run along the air voids of walls that are not wet or damp, like masonry block or tile. The flexibility of the Romex NMB cable 12/2 makes it easy to install for all applications.

This product is compliant with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) of the European Union. These compliances mean the Romex NMB cable 12/2 uses environmentally friendly alternatives for metals like lead and mercury. This 12 Romex cable also meets the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard 83 for conductor construction.

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