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Romex® Wire Information

Romex Wire Romex® electrical cable is a multi conductor THHN cable that has an optional ground wire. Romex® NMB is made with a thin PVC jacket manufactured as an indoor only cable which also excludes it from conduit use. This is a common question in the electrical field because Romex® is very popular and sometimes a run needs to go outdoors for a few feet and the Romex ® specifciations do not permit any outdoor use.

The next step up for an outdoor cable is Type MC cable which is also made with THHN wires and an additional green THHN wire as a ground. Having a THHN ground wire means the cale can be used outdoors or in conduit because there's no change of moisture hitting the bare copper. "MC" stands for Metal Clad because the jacket is an aluminum metal clad jacket which is great for pushing MC cable through conduit.

UFB cable is similar to Romex® as well because it's also made with THHN wires and a bare copepr ground wire. However, with UFB, the ground wire and the THHN wires are individually covered by the extra protection of the UFB jacket. UFB is also known as an underground cable because it can be buried directly in the earth to hook up a new electrical panel in your barn or garage.

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