Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable 4/0

super vu tron welding cable for sale

$14.60 / ft.

Super Welding 4/0

WesBell Super Vu-Tron is a registered trade mark owned by General Cable and it comes in the color Orange for safety. It’s much more flexible than standard welding cable using 34 AWG strands instead of 30 AWG strands. It’s UL and CSA approved and has far more features including assured longer life and sunlight resistance.

***Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable may be subject to long lead times***

Quantity Bulk Pricing
1 - 99 $14.60
100 - 499 $13.90
500 or more $12.88

Product Details

Bare Copper, Super Vu-Tron Orange Type RHH RHW-2
Secondary voltage resistance leads, Portable Power, Welding Machines, Added Flexibility
RoHS, CSA, 600 Volts, UL, MSHA, 90C

Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable 4/0 Construction

The Super Vu-Tron 4/0 welding cable has a bare copper conductor with superior electrical properties. The patented jacket design offers some of the best insulating properties in the industry, providing excellent protection against oils, solvents, abrasion and ozone. The operational range falls between -50 degrees and 90 degrees Celsius.

Approvals include:

  • UL Listed.
  • CSA Certified.
  • MSHA Approved
  • RoHS Compliant

4/0 Welding Cable Applications

Super Vu-Tron welding cable works well as secondary voltage resistance leads and power supplies not exceeding 600 volts. These cables can function as permanent wiring in trays or conduits of 600-volt power supplies. They can also serve as power sources for cranes, hoists and other applications that require flexible power leads.

These cables have excellent flexibility and resilience to last longer in flex applications.

The most typical applications include:

  • Portable power.
  • Added flexibility.
  • Secondary voltage resistance leads.
  • Welding machines.

Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable 4/0 Benefits

At 850 pounds per 100 square feet, this cable is among the heaviest welding cables on the market. The superior construction provides the added flexibility and cable strength the most demanding welding applications require. Additional benefits include:

  • Superior durability: The abrasion resistance levels of Super Vu-Tron welding cables are unparalleled. When dragging these cables over concrete, gravel, dirt and other obstructions, few other cables stand up better.
  • Oil, gas, and UV resistance: While working on a job site, oil, gas and sunlight are the primary nemeses of a cable’s prolonged life. Super Vu-Tron insulation combats these elements specifically.
  • High flexibility: When routing the cable in tight areas such as generators, batteries and solar systems, flexibility is necessary to make the connections you need.

We offer discounts on bulk pricing, so the more footage you buy, the better the price.

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