22 AWG, UL1007-22-7


$0.09 / ft.


WesBell UL1007 Wire has stranded tinned copper strands and a 300 volt PVC insulation. UL1007 is also approved to CSA standards and UL1569 for 105C. It passes a UL VW-1 flame test and it’s most commonly used as appliance wire.

100ft. minimum on ALL Hook UP Wire


Spiral Stripe

Add a Spiral Stripe to your wire.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
100 - 499 $0.09 / ft.
500 - 999 $0.08 / ft.
1000 or more $0.06 / ft.

Product Details

.016 Insulation Thickness, PVC, Tinned copper
Device manufacturing, Electronics, Internal wiring of appliances
105C, 300 Volts, CSA, RoHS Compliant, UL1007, UL1569, VW-1 Flame

Construction Information for 22 AWG UL1007-22-7

Our UL1007 wire features a tinned copper core for superior corrosion resistance in hot and humid environments. The wire also features a 0.016 PVC insulating layer to provide more protection. As a result, you get a pliable and durable wire without unnecessary bulk. We make this standard with size seven inner strands and a universal black coating.

Our team can add custom color stripes for a small charge to meet your project needs. Make your wires easy to identify with spiraling colors that include the following:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow

WesBell 22 AWG UL1007-22-7 wire supports up to 300 volts and meets the criteria for 105C, CSA, UL1007 and UL1569. It’s also RoHS compliant and VW-1 level flame resistant.

22 AWG UL1007-22-7 Applications

This wire is ideal for device manufacturing thanks to its slender size, lighter weight and flexibility. It can handle higher heat, making it an excellent choice for electronics. Many of our customers also use it for internal wiring in appliances as it’s resistant to moisture and easily fits into smaller spaces.

Order 22 AWG UL1007-22-7 Wire Online Now

When you partner with WesBell for your wires and cables, you can expect the highest quality products. Our manufacturing facility operates under ISO 9001/2015 standards with rigorous quality controls. We’ve been helping businesses meet their needs for over 30 years as a trusted supplier. We can also custom design a cable assembly for your special projects — contact us at 800-334-8400 or upload your specs online today for a quote.

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