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20 AWG, TYPE E, M16878/4 (E20-19)

26 awg Type E wire for sale

$0.75 / ft.

E 20-19

WesBell Type E wire is also known as M16878/4 wire and PTFE wire. It’s rated for 600 volts and higher than normal temperature of 200C. Type E wire is commonly used in electrical and electronic applications where high temperature is encountered.

Type E wire provides all the advantages of most standard hookup wires with added durability in extreme temperatures. The PTFE provides a high-temperature jacket that handles heat much better than electrical or PVC wires.

100ft. minimum on ALL Hook Up Wire

Please call to check lead time on 10,000ft.+ orders. 


Spiral Stripe

Add a Spiral Stripe to your wire. Minimum 250 ft. required for striping.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
100 - 499 $0.75
500 - 999 $0.67
1000 - 9999 $0.50
10000 or more $0.40

Product Details

Silver plated copper strands, PTFE insulation
Internal wiring of appliances, Device manufacturing, Electronics where high temperature is encountered
RoHS Compliant, CSA, 600 Volts, 200C, UL1213, M16878/4

M16878/4 Wire Construction

Our 20 AWG Type E wire is silver-plated with copper strands and a single layer of PTFE insulation. It is resistant to most potential damage from soldering irons, thermal aging, open flames, solvents, moisture, grease, ozone and other harmful chemicals.

This wire has low power loss and is ideal for higher frequency assemblies and high-temperature internal electronics. Compared to other thicker insulations, the medium-wall PTFE saves space and weight, allowing for easier product assembly. The durable structure offers high reliability, excellent thermal stability and it’s also environmentally safe.

Approvals include:

  • CSA.
  • M16878/4.
  • RoHS.
  • UL1213.

We supply this wire in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Clear

Type E Wire Applications

MIL-W-16878 is a military spec for harness applications and the internal wiring of electronic equipment. This wire is popular because of its size, cost-effectiveness, non-flammable materials and resistance to chemicals. While some of the M16878 military specifications have become obsolete, the M16878 name has stuck throughout the industry.

Type E high-performance wires meet the requirements for low-flame propagation, high-temperature resistance, small dimensions and low weight. Typical uses for the M16878/4 wire include harness applications for the military or aerospace industry, power supply lead wire and internal wiring in electronic equipment.

Choose WesBell Electronics for All Your Type E Wire Needs

WesBell has been a leading distributor of quality wire and cables for more than three decades. In addition to our Type E wires, we carry an extensive selection of other products to meet your operation’s needs. We also offer wire processing services, like twisting, cutting to size and other custom applications.

Contact us online today with any questions or to learn more about our many product offerings.

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