14 AWG, TYPE E, M16878/4 (E14-19)

26 awg Type E wire for sale

$1.25 / ft.

E 14-19

The WesBell Type E is a medium 14 American Wire Gauge (AWG) single-conductor wire with durable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation. The wire is also known as M16878/4 wire and PTFE wire. Type E is considered a mid-range wire, and it’s rated for 600 volts and higher-than-normal temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius.

Compared to the Type EE and Type ET wires, the Type E wire falls somewhere in the middle. Type E has an average gauge thickness and volt capacity. Its durable construction makes it perfect for many applications inside and outside. The PTFE insulation and silver-plated copper strand construction offer chemical resistance and allow the wire to function at temperatures from -60  to 200 degrees Celsius. Type E wire is commonly used in electrical and electronic applications where high temperatures are encountered.

The wire’s insulation offers extra protection against flames and electromagnetic interference. This wire meets the standards and specifications of many third-party standard organizations, including:

  • The CSA Group.
  • Military Specification 16878/4.
  • Restriction of Hazardour Substances.
  • UL, LLC.

Please note that a 100ft. minimum is required on ALL Hook Up Wire orders.

Please call to check lead time on 5,000ft.+ orders. 


Spiral Stripe

Add a Spiral Stripe to your wire. Minimum 250 ft. required for striping.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
100 - 499 $1.25 / ft.
500 - 999 $1.11 / ft.
1000 - 4999 $0.83 / ft.
5000 or more $0.67 / ft.

Product Details

PTFE insulation, Silver plated copper strands
Electronics where high temperature is encountered, Device manufacturing, Internal wiring of appliances
M16878/4, UL1213, 200C, 600 Volts, CSA, RoHS Compliant

Type E PTFE, Electrical or PVC?

Many people confuse Type E wire with electrical wire and PVC-insulated wire. Electrical wire consists of bare copper and a moisture-resistant nylon covering. PVC wires use tinned copper for added flexibility, and the insulation can deter moisture while withstanding high temperatures. Type E PTFE wires can withstand much higher temperatures and are the most durable and resilient of the three options.

Type E is ideal for high-temperature and higher voltage applications. If you need assistance choosing the correct wire for your project, reach out to our knowledgeable sales team. We’ll help you find the perfect product to match your application needs.

The 14 AWG Type E wire from WesBell Electronics comes in a variety of colors. Choose between 10 vibrant colors for easy identification, from classic black or white to a more attention-grabbing orange or red.

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