UFB Cable 8/3 – 10ft. Hank


$14.14 / ea.

UFB 8/3-1

When you need high-quality, durable cable for underground laying requirements, UFB Cable from WesBell Electronics can meet your power applications. Our efficient solution is convenient to install and maximizes performance, so you can rely on the cable to provide long-term durability in demanding environments. See this product’s specs below to learn more.

WesBell UFB cable is an underground cable used in place of NMB cable and MC cable when it needs to be installed directly underground without conduit. The cable layout is flat in order for the jacket to cover each THHN conductor (and ground) individually. Simply dig a trench and put UFB cable in it for the life of the installation.


Product Details


Our cable solutions are optimized for job-specific requirements, and we’ve designed the UFB Cable 8/3 to meet critical performance needs seamlessly. The construction and materials ensure this cable is better suited for use in several industries.


The durable construction of this product includes:

  • Bare copper
  • Flat conductor layout
  • Individually covered conductors
  • THHN conductors


Our products meet several critical requirements to help your operations comply with relevant regulations and ensure each option is highly versatile. This cable solution can work dependably for several applications on the job site. Delivering 600 Volts and operating with a heat capacity of 90°C, this cable provides the performance you need for various environments. Some of its frequent applications include:

  • Connect power to hot tub
  • Direct burial underground cable
  • New electrical supply cable to a barn or garage
  • Residential wiring


AA59544, NEC, NFPA 77, REACH, RoHS, UL493, UL83

Warranty Information

The standard warranty for this cable is one year. You can consult with our team on any specifications you might have for the product you purchase.

Get Reliable UFB Cable 8/3 With WesBell Electronics

At WesBell Electronics, we offer high-quality solutions for cables, wiring and other products for electrical applications. Partner with us to get the dependability and performance you need for various operating conditions and requirements. As a company with decades of experience in the industry, we’re dedicated to meeting your needs with the best solutions and a high-quality product selection. You can trust us for knowledgeable and attentive customer service and product support whenever you need it.

Purchase your UFB cable today to receive the products you need for the job.

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