UFB Cable 6/3 – 30ft. Hank


$131.43 / ea.

UFB 6/3-1-2-1-1-1

WesBell’s underground feeder (UFB) cables come from Southwire, our reputable partner in underground cable supply. These cables fit into a wide range of direct-burial applications, supported by quality materials and many different options.


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UFB Cable Applications

A UFB cable is an underground cable used in place of non-metallic (NMB) cable and metal-clad (MC) cable when it needs to be installed directly underground without conduit. In this model, the cable layout is flat, so the jacket can cover each thermoplastic high-heat nylon-coated (THHN) conductor and ground wire individually. Simply dig a trench and place your UFB cable in it for the life of the installation.

There are many UFB cable applications. You might find them used in outdoor buildings such as barns and garages or in accessories, including lighting and pumps. Fortunately, the cable’s durability helps it stand up to the tough environments associated with burying cables.

The Southwire UFB 6/3 underground cable has the specifications necessary to support versatility. Its three conductors — THHN annealed copper conductors — are individually covered in a flat layout, with black, red and white coloring. The cable has an American Wire Gauge (AWG) rating of 6, with solid strandings and a ground wire. This UFB cable supports 600 volts of power and 55 amps. It also has a temperature rating of 90 degrees Celsius and an outer diameter of 1.22 square millimeters.

A polyvinyl chloride insulation allows this cable to provide exceptional performance in direct-bury applications. Whether it’s pouring rain or sweltering hot outside, this cable offers protection.

Why Choose Cables From WesBell?

UFB cables from WesBell are affordable and built to help you get the job done for less. We offer a wide range of UFB cables and services to help you get the right tools for your next project. Reach out to a representative if you have any questions about the Southwire UFB 6/3 cable.

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