MC 2/3 Cable, Stranded Copper


$12.15 / ft.

MC 2/3

WesBell MC (Metal Clad) cable is comprised of multiple Thermoplastic High Heat-Resistant Nylon-Coated (THHN) wires, including a green THHN wire used as a ground. Since all of the conductors are insulated with THHN, the cable can be used outdoors and in conduit. Our MC cable also has an aluminum metal clad jacket that acts as a conduit for indoor applications requiring much less effort to install.

The MC Cable 2/3 consists of bare copper THHN and Thermoplastic High-Heat Water-Resistant Nylon-Coated (THWN) wires. The nylon coating insulates and protects the wires from any wet conditions or extreme temperatures. An aluminum jacket then wraps around these THHN and THWN wires for added protection.

The MC 2/3 cable consists of three conductors and one green ground wire. The wires in this cable are an American Wire Gauge (AWG) size 2, making them the largest gauge wires of all our available MC cables. Our MC cables can support up to 600 volts and can withstand up to 90°C in dry conditions.

This MC cable is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, and it’s the go-to cable for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Because of its durable aluminum jacket, you can use it in wet and dry conditions.

Quantity Bulk Pricing
1 - 499 $12.15 / ft.
500 - 999 $11.29 / ft.
1000 or more $10.53 / ft.

Product Details

THHN THWN-2 copper conductors, Bare Copper, Aluminum MC (Metal Clad) jacket
Underground in conduit, Branch feeder and service distribution, Power and lighting, Control and signal citcuits, Fished or embedded in plaster, Concealed or exposed installations, Environment air-handling spaces, Indoors without conduit, Outdoors
UL83, AA59544, UL1569, UL1685, FT4/IEEE


The MC 2/3 Cable consists of bare copper wrapped in THHN and THWN-2 copper conductors. There are a total of four wires, including one green ground wire. An aluminum MC (Metal Clad) jacket then wraps around these four wires. The wires are an AWG size 2, which is currently the largest gauge available for WesBell MC Cables.


Metal Clad cables like our MC 2/3 Cable are ideal for a variety of applications because of their sturdy aluminum jacket. For example, you can:

  • Bury the cable directly with the conduit.
  • Run it through a cable tray or approved raceway.
  • Use it in power and lighting circuits.
  • Embed it in plaster or cement.
  • Use it in large venues, community centers or theaters.
  • Run it under raised floors.

Other applications include:

  • Branch Feeder and Service Distribution,
  • Concealed or Exposed Installations,
  • Control and Signal Circuits
  • Environment Air-Handling Spaces
  • Indoors Without Conduit
  • Outdoors
  • Power and Lighting
  • Underground in Conduit


AA59544, FT4/IEEE, UL1569, UL1685, UL83

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