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May 5, 2021

5 Ways to Get Rid of Copper Electrical Wire

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Do you have excess copper electrical wire from a project? You can typically get money for copper wire easily! Check out these 5 different ways of turning your copper wire into cash:

1. Copper Scrap Yard

You can bring your excess electrical wire to a copper scrap yard and receive about 70% of the current copper rate. If copper is at $3.50/lb you will get about $2.45/lb of copper you have. Also bear in mind that they will give you a lower rate when you have a lot of insulation covering the copper. They’re interested in pure copper and that it. The insulation creates more work for the scrap yard because they need to burn it off before melting the copper down.

2. eBay

eBay is always a great place to get rid of any product you don’t need. Make sure you check the scrap yard price first, then try to get a little bit more than that on eBay. You have a fully functional electrical wire that someone can buy for a discounted price. You should be able to get more than the scrap amount of it’s not going to be worth it for you.

3. Craigslist

When you put your electrical wire on eBay you should also include it on Craigslist and Amazon if you have the accounts. Some people like to use eBay, some like Craigslist and some like Amazon. If you want more people to see your wire you can’t just expect them to visit all 3 websites. Be proactive if you really want top dollar for your wire.

4. Contractors

You can call a few electrical contractors, electricians or installers in your area to see if they need your length of wire. Be sure to offer them a price that’s a bit higher than the scrap amount but lower than the online retail price. The contractor will be happy that they got a discount and you’ll be happy that you made more money than scrapping it.

5. Your Supplier

Many times you can call the supplier that you bought it from to return it for cash. They will accept the electrical wire if it’s still in good condition but they may not give you as much as the scrap yard. Many suppliers like to also sell high-quality products rather than returned items so they will accept the return and scrap it themselves. They aren’t necessarily trying to make money on the transaction but they want to make you happy without then selling a returned item to another customer.

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