16 AWG 3 Conductor SUPRA SHIELD (Alpha Wire 5533)

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Alpha Wire 5533

The 16 AWG 3 Conductor SUPRA SHIELD from WesBell Electronics guarantees high-performance and extreme durability. This reliable product consists of color-coded tinned copper drain wires with foil shielding and a tight tinned copper braid that offers 70% coverage. A premium-grade PVC insulation and additional PVC jacket provide extra protection and ensure the wire can withstand temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celcius to as high as 105 degrees C. A nylon ripcord allows for the easy stripping of the wire jacket.

This wire is ideal for general purposes and high technology applications. In addition to providing extra protection, the PVC jacket makes it easier to route the cable in small spaces. It also offers excellent protection against electromagnetic interference. Other benefits of this product include:

  • Oil-Resistance.
  • Flexibility.
  • Flame-Resistance.
  • Moisture-Resistance.

This product has been approved by the third-party safety certification companies UL, LLC and CSA.


The Supra Shield consists of a stacked triple-layer aluminum, polyester and aluminum foil. A tight tinned copper braid then covers approximately 70% of the foil. The finished product offers unbeatable protection against electromagnetic interference and both low and high-frequency noises. It also increases the wire’s overall flexibility while maintaining its integrity.

Alpha products may be subject to minimum order quantities

Product Details

RoHS Compliant, UL Type CM - AWM 2464, CSA CMG FT4, REACH Compliant, VW-1 UL Flame Test

Please note that Alpha products may be subject to minimum order quantities. Contact us on our website or call us toll-free at 800-334-8400 to receive a quote for your order.

Product Details


  • Tinned Copper Drain Wires
  • Triple-Layered Aluminum/Polyester/Aluminum Foil
  • Tinned Copper Braid
  • PVC Insulation and Jacket


This wire is ideal for everyday and high-technology projects, including:

  • EIA RS-232 Interfaces.
  • Point of Sales Equipment.
  • Medical Equipment.
  • Process Control Systems.
  • Computer Peripheral Devices.

Contact our sales department to learn more about this product or determine if this is a suitable wire for your application. Our trusted team of experts is always on hand to help in any way we can.

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