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20 AWG 10 Conductor Electronic Cable (Alpha Wire 5470C)

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Alpha Wire 5470C

No matter the task, you need the right cable for the job. We offer multiconductor cables to support power transmission in various communication, audio and video systems. This particular wire comes from Alpha Wire’s Xtra Guard lineup, which offers exceptional performance in tough environments.

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Product Details

RoHS Compliant, UL Type CM - AWM 2464, CSA CMG FT4, REACH Compliant, VW-1 UL Flame Test


As an Xtra Guard 1 cable, this product is built for high performance, so you can trust it for your mission-critical applications. Some common uses include high-tech environments, medical electronics, computer peripherals, industrial process controls and point-of-sale equipment. However, as a general-purpose cable, you can use it in many other areas.

Xtra Guard 1 cables offer good protection in both high and low temperatures, with a range of -30 to 105 degrees Celsius. They also offer protection from abrasive environments and oil, water and chemical exposure thanks to a unique, premium-grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and jacket design. That design also allows you to more easily route cables through small spaces. The cable’s oil resistance meets UL standards Oil Res I and Class 43.

This cable features ultraviolet protection, and a Supra-Shield design provides excellent protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The 10-conductor 20 American Wire Guage (AWG) cable is not recommended for direct-burial or high or continuous flex applications.

The WesBell Advantage

When you order from WesBell Electronics, you get expert service at affordable prices from our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. We can help you find the right cable for the task at hand. Reach out to us to learn more about this cable or our services.

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