Burndy® MR15, MR18 and MR20 HYTOOL® Crimping Tools

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MR15, MR18, MR20
  • #22-10 AWG
  • Full Cycle Rachet Tools
  • Length: 8.86″
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Burndy®

Our Burndy MR crimping tools allow you to modify your cables in the field and make adjustments on the fly. These tools are suited for different types of cables to provide the right solution for your application.

Product Details

Weight: 1.10 lbs, Length: 8.86", MR20: Uninsulated terminals, MR18: Nylon insulated terminals, MR15: Vinyl insulated terminals, 5 Year Warranty, #22-10 AWG


Burndy crimping tools ensure a completed, positive crimp every time thanks to a ratchet mechanism that performs a full cycle. After the cycle begins, the handles cannot be opened until the cycle finishes, creating a completed crimp within the connection. Reduce the chance of dangerous, incomplete crimps with a reliable tool that supports full ratcheting.

These tools offer crimping for different types of materials:

  • MR15: Vinyl-insulated terminals
  • MR18: Nylon-insulated terminals
  • MR20: Uninsulated terminals

All three tools have a crimping range of #22-10 American Wire Gauge (AWG). The MR15, MR18 and MR20 are also built with heavy-duty forged steel frames, so you can expect them to stand up to work in tough environments, bumps and scrapes. They’re also UL-listed for use with Burndy connectors.

Burndy M20, M18 and MR15 Crimping Tools From WesBell Electronics

At WesBell Electronics, we focus on delivering affordable, effective solutions to our clients. One of the ways we do this is through trustworthy and easy-to-use tools such as the Burndy M20, M18 and M15. Reach out to us for more information.

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