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Electronic Multi Pair Shielded 300 Volt

This page focuses on the XTRA Guard 5 multi pair shielded 300 volt cables that are most commonly used in clean room environments, mining instruments and controls, food and beverage plants, military electronic applications, steel glass and metal foundries and refinery cracker unit controls. The shield is an aluminum polyester foil shield with a tinned copper drain wire.

It’s manufactured with FEP PTFE insulation with a core wrap high temperature tape on the conductors and a FEP PTFE jacket for an extended cable life. XTRA Guard 5 devotes its energy to unmatched cable performance in both high and low temperature cable applications from -80°C to 200°C. It is suitable for use in clean rooms, 100% impervious to all chemicals, acids, fuels, solvents and water. XTRA Guard 5 features color coded FEP PTFE insulated conductors and an FEP PTFE jacket in 300 volt UL cable styles.