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Compare and Contrast: 6 AWG Welding Cable and THHN Electrical Wire

Many people get confused about the differences between THHN electrical wire and 6 AWG welding cable. Although these two products are created out of similar products, copper wire and insulation, there are very important differences concerning usage, flexibility, and durability. Usage THHN wire is typically snaked through interior walls and is never used outside. It’s one…

Basic Types of Electrical Wire

There are many types of electrical wire for each possible condition the wire will be placed in. Some for indoor use only and some that can be buried directly in the earth and of course there’s a higher cost for the added options. THHN Wire THHN wire is the single copper hook up wire used alone and inside…

PVC Jacket VS Rubber EPDM Insulation

Assume you need 4 wires to power your connection. Running each wire individually would be the old-fashioned way but now manufacturers surround all 4 wires with a PVC or Rubber jacket for protection and ease of installation. PVC Jacket A PVC jacket is cheaper than rubber because it doesn’t offer the same amount of environmental…

UL1007 16 AWG Hook Up Wire Compared To UL1015

UL1007 and UL1015 are both types of PVC hook up wire used indoors in applications such as appliances and electronic devices. Both come in about 10 solid color options along with an unlimited amount of striped color options making it very convenient for contract assembly houses that manufacture wire harnesses and assemblies. The two main differences between…

Insulation Matters: The Differences between 4 Common Hook Up Wires

PVC hook up wire requires different levels of insulation in order to fully protect itself from corrosion. Corrosion can occur from a number of outside elements, from the environment that the wire is into temperatures and accidents. In this article, four different types of wires and insulation will be discussed namely, UL1007, UL1061, UL1015, PTFE…

Difference Between Type W and Type G Power Cables

The Type W and the Type G power cables are very similar. They are used for nearly the same applications. These are industrial strength power cables. The cables can be used on all kinds of job sites to give power to machinery. They can handle 2000 volts of electricity and have rubber insulation around them.  But there…

Wire and Cable Acronyms

There are acronyms used in every industry and some of them can be very confusing. There are many different types of wire and cable that use abbreviations and acronyms to describe them. Well, sometimes the acronym becomes a more popular description of the product than the actual name, which leaves the consumer confused. Hopefully, this…

Welding Cable Assemblies with Burndy Lugs

Single conductor portable cord consists of welding cable, DLO cable, Type W, Stage Lighting cable and Super Vu-Tron Welding cable. We cut it to the requested length and crimp Burndy Lugs to one end or both ends depending on the request.

Tools and Materials Needed to Manufacture a Soldered Thermistor with UL1007 Hook Up Wire

In order to manufacture a soldered thermistor, you will need hook up wire, the appropriate type of thermistor, lead free solder, a solder iron, a solder tin pot and possibly a wire cutting machine

Cutting, Crimping, Tinning, and Poking UL 1007 28 AWG Wire Harnesses

wesbell2 This article is going to show how to use UL1007 hook up wire to create a 28 AWG wire harness that’s press crimped and inserted into plastic housing