Type W Multiconductor 8/4


$3.98 / ft.

TYPE W 8/4

WesBell Electronics offers industrial-sized Type W cables to meet your operational requirements. This product can support a wide range of applications, powering large equipment and generators on sites without a permanent power supply. Rated for 2000 volts, our Type W cable has a dual-layered jacket that allows the cable to withstand damage and severe weather conditions. These cables deliver superior toughness and flexibility and are ideal for demanding job sites in construction and other industries.

When you need tough, dependable products for your applications, WesBell offers a broad inventory of products to fit your needs. Browse our offerings and find what you need for any job.


Product Details

Bare Copper, Premium grade EPDM insulation, CPE Jacket
Industrial and light-to-medium duty mining, Heavy duty service as power supply cable, Mobile and portable electrical equipment, AC systems (grounded and ungrounded), Motor and Battery leads
2000 Volts, 90C, Withstands severe outdoor conditions and has high flexibility, Resistance to oil and water, Excellent abrasion resistance, O-zone and sunlight resistant, RoHS, CSA, UL, MSHA

Features and Specs

The UL Type W multiconductor is an 8 AWG 4 conductor consisting of bare copper and a CPE jacket. This multiconductor features premium-grade EPDM insulation to meet your operational needs. With MSHA approval and RoHS compliance, our product offers capabilities that withstand your demanding work conditions.

Additionally, this multiconductor offers several key features, including:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • O-zone and sunlight resistance.
  • Oil and water resistance.
  • High flexibility and durability.


When you work with WesBell to find the right options for your requirements, you can be sure we’ll deliver trusted solutions. The Type W cable can meet a range of application requirements across various industries and working environments, including:

  • AC systems (grounded and ungrounded).
  • Heavy-duty service as a power supply cable.
  • Industrial and light-to-medium duty mining.
  • Mobile and portable electrical equipment.
  • Motor and battery leads.

Buy Type W Multiconductor 8/4 Today

Whatever your operational needs, WesBell Electronics provides trusted solutions for your applications. Work with us to prepare for your next project and ensure you have the right supplies for every job. Browse our listings and find the best products to match your requirements or contact us today for more information on what we have to offer.

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