Olflex® 700CY Servo FD Motor Cable - Shielded

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Olflex® 0036156

starting at $6.84 / ft.

Olflex® 0036157

starting at $9.30 / ft.

Olflex® 0036158

starting at $10.29 / ft.

Olflex® 0036159

starting at $12.57 / ft.

Olflex® 0036161

starting at $16.23 / ft.

Olflex® 0036162

starting at $22.08 / ft.

Olflex® 0036163

starting at $30.99 / ft.

Olflex® 0036164

starting at $40.74 / ft.

About Olflex® 700CY Servo FD Motor Cable - Shielded

Olflex® Wire manufactures Servo FD flexible composite cables for industrial applications, machine tools and other electrical machinery. The 700 and 750 series are listed on our website with specifications and pictures so that you can find and see the exact power supply cable you need for your application.

Olflex® 700 is the unshielded version and Olflex® 700CY is the shielded version. It’s manufactured with 4 power conductors and 2 shielded signal pairs of a slightly smaller awg size. Flexible servo cables have an optional braid shield for EMI and RFI interference when needed.

Olflex® 750P is unshielded and Olflex® 750CP is shielded with an overall tinned copper braid shield. The 750 series if commonly used as a feedback supply cable in a continuous flex application. Their ideally suited for automated applications such as tracks, automated handling equipment, pick and place units, gantry robots, machine tools and other continuous movement applications.